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Artist Scouting: Prove your worth
Talent is an amazing thing. Some are born with it; some develop these skills with sheer hard work and discipline. Every artist wants recognition; they want to show to the entire world what they are capable of. They want the most affluent label in their field. The desire to be famous and to reach the heights of a superstar is so strong that it keeps people going even through tough times. But the struggle of being an artist with no famous or rich background till you become a superstar is exhausting.

How does a famous label look for talent?

Most of the famous labels have scouts on the lookout for talented people. These scouts look for people who are talented and with some grooming they have the potential to become something big. These scouts are responsible for bringing in talent and to see their grooming. Although a scout approaching you not assures that the label is going to sign you. First, they will test you on many levels before offering you plenty of your dreams.

What do scouts look for in an artist?
First things first, talent. You should be talented for any scout to notice you. Then come series of factors on which you are judged. So the most basic things that a scout looks for in you are

Your market value-
A label will not sign you until and unless they are sure that they will earn a profit upon launching you. Can you or can you not sell your art? They will judge you whether or not you sell your art on your own even if they do not invest in you. You have to show them your present market value, however small it may be. They have to see how much you are investing and how much profit can you make.

How much attractive are you on stage? Can you mesmerize the audience so that they are not able to take their eyes off you? Anywhere that you perform live how does the audience react? All these questions matter a lot to the label. Also if you have had live shows and the audience appreciates you, that means you already have a small fan base.

Online Fandom-
Nowadays the online world is a much larger platform that television or live shows. So having a good fan base on your social media accounts and platforms like Shazam, musically or any other talent-related app means a lot. You should put yourself out there and let the audience judge you so that even you will come to know how good you are.

How unique is your talent? There are many people who can sing or dance or act well but what gives you the edge? What is the difference between them and you? This is very important because labels like to create masterpieces and not a copy item of an already famous personality.

Your Persona and Professionalism -
Labels tend to test your patience, so before signing you, they will make you audition a lot. You will have to attend a lot of meetings. You need to have that attitude that 'Yes! I am going to make it work.' You need to show them that you have that fire burning in you no matter they call you in for the first time or the hundredth time. Always keep your words and do what you promise them. Always be punctual even if it is your hundredth audition. This shows your character because in the long run even your good character will earn you fans and lead the way to stardom.









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