Chirag Bhutani

Chirag Bhutani

Magician | DELHI

Magician, Illusionist, Mind reader, Hypnotist, Mentalist, Artist, Fooler, An Entertainer,

Chirag Bhutani is a magician from New Delhi performing all over India for the past few years. He has some extraordinary skills to wow your clients and make their event more memorable and entertaining. 


Chirag's act of magic can be witnessed in two different styles i.e 

Close up magic- It is a form of magic in which Chirag goes up to different groups of people at the event and shows them magic right in front of their eyes. The props used are cards, coins, phone, wallet, watch and other regular daily used objects. 

In such category, everyone at the event gets to see personalized and mind blowing magic and they can even interact with the Magician. This form of magic is the one which involves the maximum interaction and the duration of it's performance ranges from 60 minutes to 120 minutes. It is popular for events like wedding, get togethers, cultural events, concerts, restaurants etc.


Stage magic- Stage magic is a form of magic in which Chirag performs some super strong trick for everyone at once. Everyone at the event gets to witness thr magic from their seats and includes Audience participation and involvement.

It is one of the most popular type of magic for events like Launch events, corporate events, college events etc. All the magic performed under this category imparts a strong impact on the audience and leaves them in confusion as to how did the trick happen. The duration ranges from 30 minutes to 45 minutes. 


According to Chirag, both the categories have their own importance and are the best in their own way. 

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Performance Duration- 30-60 minutes Open to Travel- Yes
Music/Genre- - Team Members- 1
Preferred Location- India

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Chirag Bhutani
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04 Jul,2019
His magic tricks are just woww.He always comes up with the new ones and they all are superb.The card ones are his speciality.I've seen his stage performance twice at my college, and he made everyone's reaction like What?How he did this man?

03 Jul,2019
magic is an art and chirag knows it really well he's pretty good with the cards his tricks are amazing. I went to his show with my younger brother and he was so amazed his reaction was priceless, chirag even taught him some magic tricks he practice's everyday and he has become chirag's fan

03 Jul,2019
I have seen Chirag perform at various places. The latest one was for an NGO in a summer camp for little kids where he performed some mind boggling tricks and made some cute little fans who could not get enough of his tricks and his autograph. While he is performing, you would start having doubts about yourself, such are his tricks and the efficiency with which he performs. Shouldn't forget to mention the charm which is sure to sweep anyone off their feet while they watch him perform closely. Wa

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