Illuxion of Death ( The SoS )

The band that has created their won aura in O2 Arena, London (2017) and now set to put India on fire with their rocking Original Music, Own Composition. This band is renowned for their scintillating live acts and super explosive set lists.

Illuxion of Death (The shadows of Surefooted)' is a high energy trash rock & metal band based out of the capital city of India, New Delhi. It was formed by Khup Nang, Alfred & Lian Naulak in the year 2004. Bringing together their passion for music, they unite the hearts of all the music lovers that they have ever come across. Their common goal to make people experience music has made them explore further dimensions in the art field.

India's Answer to Classic Rock to Metal! Quoted as the best-group from Manipur by music journal Robex Lundgren. This band is renowned for their scintillating live acts and super explosive set lists. The band has been rated one of the best thrash rock & metal band in India by various media houses and journals 2004. They are simply born to be on stage. There is nothing in this world the band does better than giving a tight live show and becoming one with the audience while doing that. Their Motto consists of nothing more or less than ‘rock on’!

Lian Naulak is the frontman, Steve on the rhythm guitar, Alfred Hrangchal is on the bass guitar and keyboard, Cinpu is on the drums and Khup Nang on the lead guitar. As a band, the members have one common goal – to explore their talents and continue making good music. Their style of music is inspired from a mixture of rock, metal, country and folk music. The band had a wonderful opportunity to tour all over Myanmar during which they performed at several concerts and conducted live shows at packed auditoriums.

With the release of their debut single " Sesum " & " You’ll Be Heard " the band became one of the best bands from Manipur. The band announced an extended hiatus in 2006 to work on individual projects, but has now returned and performed for numerous events and shows across countries like Myanmar, Bangkok & Nepal also several states in India; like Chennai, Jaipur, Pune, Bangalore, Goa & Delhi (NCR).

Awards: The band won four trophies at the music night organized by Nehru Yevakendra Sangam in Mumbai on the 29th February 2010:-

1. Best performer of the Day

2. Best lead Guitarist

3. Best Drummer

4. Best Vocalist

Places Where played :-

1. Turquoise Cottage

2. Depot48 3.

4. Out of The Box

5. HRC India

7. Purple Haze.The Pub

8. ELF Cafe

9. Blues Cafe

10. DC Presents

11. Central World Plaza Mall (Bangkok)

12. Yamaha Guitar Festival (Myanmar)

13. The UG Music Cafe (Nepal)

Artists we also like: Jon Bon Jovi, Kurt Cobain, James Hethfield, Axl Roses, Def Leppard.

Influences: Jon Bon Jovi, Kurt Cobain, James Hethfield, Axl Roses, Def Leppard & Nickel Back

Band interests: Metallica, Europe, Skidrow, Megadeath, Lamb of god, Creeds, Slipknot, System of a Down, The Calling.

Performance Duration- 45mins to 1.5hrs Open to Travel- Everywhere
Music/Genre- Acoustic, Blues, Rock and Metal Team Members- 5
Preferred Location-

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Illuxion of Death ( The SoS )
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