Zidd the Sufi Band

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About Zidd the Sufi Band


Zidd the Sufi Band - delves into the Retro, Pop, Bollywood and Sufi genres of music to produce a unique sound that appeals directly to soul and heart.


Manish - Lead Vocalist

A versatile singer who has got a voice that covers almost all genres, ranging from pure Hindustani classical Vocals to pure Western genres like Jazz, Pop, Rock and many more, and belongs to Delhi. Manish is an excellent dancer as well, he has been in music since his early childhood, his Grand Father being a renowned musician and his father, though a prominent Chef, being an avid music lover. Been learning and practicing Classical music since age 12. Knowledge of light music and all the exposure came under legendary playback singers. All he aspires to do in life to touch everyone’s soul from his music and make this world a happy place to live in. 




Adarsh Singh - Guitarist 

One of the most experienced guitarists in Delhi, he knows almost every instruments. He has played with almost every artist in the band circuit Being comfortable with everything from blues to Indian classical music. He is, in fact, the 'Dada' of this family, We all the members respect him a lot. He Has played with many artists in the past. Always been a fulltime musician and now an integral part of Zidd the Sufi Band and we are very honoured to have him in our family. 



Aman  - Drummer

Stepped towards the passion of drumming in 2008 Worked with many bands with genres Sufi rock, hard rock, fuzon, metal. Performed in front of the many legendary flute player in musical night. He has been with us from many years in this band "Zidd the Sufi band ". 



Soheb - Percussionist

A prodigy who can create beats out of anything. After Manish and dada laid the foundation for this band, he came and never left. Since then many instruments have been added to his set and he never has turned down a single opportunity to better himself. Thus, he has been always with us. 



Lovely Singh -  Bassist & Manager

  Another discovery of Manish around August 2017, when the band was looking for a crazy bassist , and from somewhere they found a boy, literally a boy, who was so passionate to learn the music and instrument and agree for everything. And in the guidance of dada, he learnt everything very quick and smooth. 

A super hard-working boy who knows what to do even before the band looks towards him, this proves how good he is. ever since his first gig with Zidd, Lovely has never turned us down. He is having the charm to learn and handle everything.

Now, he is the manager of our band and handle our social pages.


More details about Zidd the Sufi Band
  • Performance Duration
    90-120 Min
  • Team Members
  • Open to Travel
  • Language
  • Music/Genre
  • Artist Type / City
    Band | NEW DELHI
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