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As event equipment rental company we provide DJ System,Laser light show organiser and on rent CO2 blast on hire,stage,octonorm LED wall pannel screen,gazeebo pagoda on rent marquees,german hanger and waterproof tent,metal barricades and mozo barricading ,x ray baggage scanner on rent in delhi ncr dfmd hhmd walke talkie JBL Speaker line arrey vtx vrx srx, portable washrroms on rent.event stage lights on hire basis.designer tent available with us for customization.

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How we are different from others..???

Now a days there are many services and more than many service providers. We too do the same thing but we are different from others. You can get the same brand equipment or same type of setup from different service providers of your choice. Choosing us will make a difference because we are the only Event Management Company which offers both online and offline Event Services with effective pricing and proper management. We are efficient and good at Venue Management, Celebrity Management, Manpower Management etc.
Survival is difficult in the market with such a common business tool but we are excelling day by day, year by year in the market and posses no complaints because we have faith and honesty in what we are doing.

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Starting an Event Management Business..?? Do read this...!

Many people strive to start an Event Management company these days as it is the most cheap and vast industry these days. One can act as a mediator between the buyer and provider and can make money out of it. Everything what they are thinking is correct but they have to learn the following 7 things before quitting their job or dropping their earlier business to start an Event Management Company:
1. Extraordinary ideas to for different types of events.
2. Learn to create plan and map the requirements.
3. Proper management of the resources you have to access.
4. An eye-catching web portal or website.
5. Effective Pricing.
6. Advertisement on Social Media.
7. Launch Party.

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Event Professionals india

As i think Indian event market is very big market with rapid growing graph. India event market is growing in sports,concerts,reality show and exhibition etc.we have best ongoing event and sports series like IPL ISL,Prokabaddi,HIL,IPTL, etc.india having very good concerts series like SUNBURN,NH7 Weekender ,EVC,IBW.We can see very different cultures in event professionals just like the carry a bag with lots of accreditation lanyards with lots of flight tags on there bags,90% are chain smokers. They work hard even they can work 24*7.They wear a t-shirt and CARGO SHORTS when they are at work. Now there is a fashion of no shave.50%event professional and management know each other because they work together in several events.

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India is a huge market of event even  its biggest market for upcoming new concepts are taking place in events.many of multination event companies are coming to india and with lot of shows like desney dentsu img etc.they are investing and helping to grow india event event industry.volunteers,promoters,event manpower will be hired in huge numbers in upcoming time is one of the top event manpoer company head quatered greater noida and giving services to delhi,gurgaon banglore chennai mumbai,pune kolkata,raipur rachi jaipur goa,chandigarh hyderbad and all big cities.we are online plateform to hire event manpower/volunteers.with a huge database we supplied more than 30000 event volunteers/manpower/promoters to this event industry.candidate can login to our volunteer portal and can register on of the top hostes/modele girls agency in india servig auto expo IPL ISL AND TRADESHOW,of india delhi ncr banglore chennai mumbai kolkata.we have russian girls models available for event,belly dancers in india delhi banglore goa etc as well.foregners model girls are available enhace your event experience.

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Technology impact in event industry

as we are in 21 century we are developed lot of technologies which also give impact on event industry. before a decade event industry not much more developed as these day we use laser technology,high class speaker system very hightech lighting systems,wireless communication,and video conferencing system,lot of software for event management and security devices,acreditation printing systems,inventery management security device with drone cameras and cctv.these days companies providing these thin on rent as well.its a very huge industry all over world is using event technology everything available online and a singal click can book tickets online,you can hire artists and sale tickets.artists are performing globaly.event management industry booming in we have lot of event which are very known name in world like sunburn,nh7,supersonic,IPL,ISL,PROKABADDI,etc.

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