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How to organize college fest in a better way?

If you are part of the team for your college festival, you often find yourself in a position where you are asking yourself questions like ‘Why I am even doing this shit?’ or ‘In what ways can this actually benefit me?’ or ‘Is this going to help me acquire some skills or get a job?’
The answers to these questions are not so simple. If done right, working in a college festival can act as a huge learning experience, not just for your professional career, but for your life. But looking at the data, not many people seem to have done it right. In fact, a majority of people who work for their college festival seem to do it for the primary purpose of ‘social bonding’. Now, there is absolutely no harm in that. But if that is the foremost reason for you being a part of the team, do not expect to get anything out of the experience apart from new friends and a bunch of parties.
The way I see it, organizing a college festival is the closest thing to your professional career while you are still in college, also giving you a tremendous amount of freedom on what roles do you want to pick. I was a part of the team for Alcheringa, the cultural festival of IIT Guwahati and had a terrific time during the learning phase. I tried to put my hand into as many teams and things as I could to make the most of the opportunity, and it has taught me more than anything else while I was in college. Here is my take on the best practices that can be followed to make your festival a massive success.
But, why do we even organize the festival?
Before we start talking about the ‘how’, it’s important to understand the ‘why’. If you think of it, there are just 2 kinds of people for whom the festival is being organized -
A. Team- Yes, the biggest reason for organizing a festival is ‘you’. The primary purpose of any college festival is to give their own students an exposure to the outside world and help you learn a wide variety of skills while you are still in college. No matter what artists or footfall you get, if you fail at providing a kickass learning experience to your own team, you have already failed. Make sure you push your team beyond their limits, amidst all the rush and drama.
B. People- A much smaller reason for organizing the festival is your audience. Your footfall. Your followers. Your participants. Making sure that they get a top-notch experience during your festival should be the second most important thing after the team. Customer satisfaction and happiness are what drives any organization in the long run. Every single person that walks out of your fest, should be telling every single friend of theirs as to how awesome their experience and your management was.
1.     Make things a bit formal— One thing unique about college festivals is that there is a fresh team every year. It can either take the festival to new heights or completely fuck it up. It is hence important to make things more process-dependent than people-dependent. Amidst all the worst things, you need to make sure that you are constantly making long-term processes for everything so that the important things always get the attention they deserve. For example, (informally) telling one of your juniors to think about some social initiative for the festival might not work as efficiently as forming a dedicated team/group for social initiatives. Similarly, defining monthly targets, writing down your organizations’ values, making cheat-sheets for different things, having some office hours per month and organizing scheduled meetings with a meaningful agenda can all go a long way in giving a direction to your team’s hard work. A senior once told me, ‘If there existed a parallel world where the same team would be conducting the festival for 10 years straight, we would be witnessing a way better festival right now.’ Making things formal and documenting stuff is the only way you can decrease this knowledge gap, and make things easier for future teams. Try to keep the organization as transparent as you can, to build a great team culture. More importantly, learn from the mistakes of your previous teams — you won’t have enough time to make them all yourself.
2.     Think from Zero— One of the most difficult things for any team to do is to refrain from blindly following the previous teams’ work and thinking from scratch. Organising another boring festival that is only marginally different from your previous edition is of no use. You have to be bold enough to try new things and discard the previous unsuccessful ones. I have personally witnessed so many good ideas/events not being implemented only and only because they are new and the team (thinks that) they don’t have the bandwidth for it since most of their time is sucked in focussing on multiple bad ideas/events being blindly followed year after year. Have a review meeting at the end of every festival, where you analyze the success and failures, and accordingly scrap a few things, restructure the team and define fresh goals. Stop taking things too seriously.You have to unlock new and amazing events and initiatives, and set an example for every other college festival team in the country. Quality beats quantity, any day. Try to avoid getting into the trap of — more events, more participants, ‘more’ of everything. If you’re focussing on ‘quality’, you’ll be able to scale more efficiently with time, without compromising on customer experience. Get the small things right. And the only way to get small things right is to plan more. There’s nothing heroic in doing everything at the last minute.
3.     Make room for your ‘round pegs’ — There are always these ‘few’ people on your team who like to put an extra effort and do amazing things. They are ones who not just complain, but also ‘change’ things. They try to make sure that every small thing is implemented in the best way possible. Often, this 10 % of the people are the ones who make happen 90% of the festival. And hence, a big performance metric for any festival should be — how many roadblocks can you remove for these round pegs so that they can do outstanding things. Most people learn it the hard way, but the culture and productivity (and not ‘size’) of your team play a huge role in governing your success. Try to keep the team as small and amazing as possible, since those ‘extra’ people bring more damage than you think and can bring down your entire team culture. Form a separate ‘co-ordinators’ team in the last month of the festival for all the extra burden that you think you’re going to have, rather than making these people a part of your main team. ‘Idealism is the starting point to greatness.’
4.    Don’t fuck with your inter-team coordination — There’s no point talking about what an amazing job your team did if the overall festival was a failure. If you are the guy who is making a registration portal/app, why not talk to the marketing guy and put a few sponsor logos/coupons/games on it? Or why not talk to the PR guy, and put in a system where they can send updates/mailers to the participants? Similarly, if you are the guy who is responsible for events, why not talk to the marketing team about the possibility of sponsor specific events? Try to avoid these ‘gaps’ between multiple teams, so that you can do things better, and make everybody win. So basically, whenever you are doing something for the festival, ask yourself the question — How can other teams benefit the most from this? Another hack is to form small alliances between teams for specific things so that they can work with each other more closely. For example, you can have a dedicated ‘customer experience’ team that comprises one each of a PR, events, design & marketing guy so that they can draw out the entire customer journey during the festival, and work towards making it better. Same goes for having an ‘artist happiness’ team or a ‘social initiative’ team.
5.     Use your resources wisely — It’s often easier to get ‘resources’ from sponsors than get hard cash, but that requires thinking from your side. Try to be more and more innovative, when it comes to spending your resources. Always keep in mind that money is not the only resource that you are playing with. If you are getting a known Bollywood singer for your pro-nite, why not organize a competition where the winner gets to meet him on stage? Or another online competition where the winner gets signed festival-merchandise from him? A lot of times, we underestimate these ‘indirect incentives’ that we can give to our audiences and participants and keep complaining about the shortage of cash that we have. For example, having a partnership with a cultural institute to give internships to your winners, might be much more valuable to them than some petty cash. Or how about getting your ‘famous’ title sponsor to post about the winner of your flagship competition on Facebook so that they can get some recognition among those lacs of social media followers and grow as an artist? But wait. Do you remember the first point in this article about ‘making processes’? So why not make a dedicated team for ‘Incentive Management’ that is responsible for coming up (and implementing) all these ideas?
6.    Learn More, Teach More — Most important of all — amidst all the chaos, all the noise, do not forget to grow not just yours, but your team’s skills. Have dedicated ‘teaching’ sessions in place so that people who are good at something can share their secrets with more people. That one guy who writes kickass mails can help 50 more people write better emails. That one guy who is a great negotiator can let others know how he does it so that they can close more deals. That one guy who always comes with new innovative ideas can motivate a full room of people to come with more. Your team is the reason that you are working on this festival, and everybody should be provided a platform to learn diverse skills that they can benefit from. Every person has a different reason for joining the team, and if you are one of the heads — make sure that you know this ‘reason’ for every member that you include in your team so that you can make sure they are able to grow in that direction. Another great way to increase knowledge is to talk to more and more alumni and professionals outside college so that they can tell you better about what all things the team could learn in order to benefit more in the future.
7.     Under Promise, Over Deliver — Last but not the least, this is the underlying rule for customer happiness in any organization. Apply this to your participants, your team and your audience. Whenever you promise them something, try to give them a little bit more. The prize for winning the fashion event might be only a few thousand bucks, but if you can ask the judge to upload a selfie with the winner, it might help the winner get a few shows somewhere. The sponsor might have asked only for his banners to be put on the stage, but if you can have a short reference to them in the funny viral video that you are making, they might get happier. The audience coming from a different city might have only asked for accommodation, but why not give them a one-page brochure about the places that they can visit on your campus or city? When you thoroughly screw up, why not send across a hand-written sorry card to your participant, with the fest and sponsor logo at the back? Or better than all — Remember the first point? Why not make a small ‘customer happiness’ team from within your team that can come up with, and implement these ideas in the festival?

Final Words:
Do not be afraid to step out of your primary role and explore more. I was a part of the events team. But when I wanted to learn to code, I made tens of portals for Altering without anybody telling me to, and eventually the main website later on. When I wanted to organize a Guinness World Record, I pushed the entire team to help me do it. When I wanted to learn some design, I started making website mock-ups and posters/videos for small-small things. There’s not a single skill that I can think of that you cannot learn or apply to the festival. Just don’t make the mistake of waiting for opportunities. You already have the festival with you, so just go ahead and do whatever you want with it.
I have always looked at the cultural festival as a platform and not as some ‘family’. You get to play with an organization that has been built over the past so many years and grabs millions of eyeballs. A small change that you bring in, could hugely impact a 4-day experience for thousands of people coming to the festival and your entire team. You could literally come out with any proposal to be implemented during the festival, and nobody would stop you from doing it. You can learn, experiment, grow your network and build credibility at the same time.


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Which event company is best anual festival organizer in Delhi?

We at introduce ourselves as a prestigious Event Management and Event Equipment Rental Company in the National Capital Region and many more cities. is known not only for its Event excellence but also has been regularly rated as one of India’s Best Event Management Companies for the past few years in a row. is having its creativity and knowledge to design any kind of Annual Fest for Corporates, Management Schools, Universities, Technical Colleges and Academic Scools etc. The Fest designed and organised by us would witness participation from a large number of spectators and hosts a multitude of activities, some academic, some purely creative and some a combination of both. The main objective of Fest is to highlight the academic or creative talent of the community over a year and open a window for corporate to sample our best minds at work. It is designed to be an amalgamation of various activities including cultural events and marketing games such as “ADMAD” - where teams slug it out on creative platforms, Stock Market games involving the never-ending tussle between the bear and the bull named DALAL STREET; HR Street Plays; Bits of Creativity where the teams would get an opportunity to use their creative skills and make the most of the materials given to them; Competitive sports including Basketball Match, Indoor Games; NGO fair, and much more ideas and activity like these to sparkle your fest. To top it all, the chief attraction would be a Group Dance, wherein groups would perform in front of a diverse, large and captive target audience. Not only do our participants represent a great target market for a whole host of products and services, accentuated by the fact that they study brands day in and day out. Therefore, the Fest promises to be a good hunting ground for savvy marketers looking for some high visibility and share of mind. The Fest Managing Committee assures you of making the event memorable for your organization in terms of return on investment, easy access to potential customers' minds and the opportunity to showcase your product or service at an event that is sure to grab eyeballs and heartbeats. A dedicated Fest Managing Committee is formed for the project who would contact you to explain the details of what has been outlined and what has to be outlined.

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Corporate Event and Team Building Activity Ideas

Corporate Event and Team Building Activity Ideas

Companies usually invest a lot of money and time as well in their team building events, but all too often doesn’t make such as the companies want but it will make it cliched and awkward. That’s the movement where you have to come as a professional. You can ensure that any team building activities in an event should have fun, Constructive and Inspirational.
Fun and Engaging Corporate team building activities and event that are to be done by our team are such that we believe in making teams. By many activities and fun that we involve to the work. Is such that persons get interact with each other and due to which the chances are that to make the team building.
There is a huge range of fun and activities that are there to the recreation of the corporate team building activities for the work, there are many parameters such that professional team building challenges and such are interacted by the fun and games. That involves all of the staff to help each other by this there will be a help taken in such it will increase the witness to increasing the ability to help someone in the team.

Real life theme with amazing ideas is also helping the person to interact with the person to build the team. We have a lot of ideas to work on it, so from that we are here to increase the ability of a team to build it as such it will increase the ability of the person and once there is a full attraction toward a person than there are a lot of chances that the person is also helpful for the team in future. We Don’t stop at it. We do something more to give the client better and more. We engage the full team so that everyone on the team will have the will to increase the attraction of the customer towards the goal.
We also work on to get a custom-built activity that suits your needs and brand. It may be an indoor or outdoor activity that makes your brand and your team happy with which they can interact more. This all we are think to describe by our client. As such the client want to increase is thinking we are thinking to give him a better than that.
We at hire4event are always thought to make and Build relation with the client for a long-term, so at us you will find that there are many things we do to make the activity memorable, there is a huge team that we have so, at us you will find that we are best activity management team which makes you a realise that we are able to make your activity much better.
Our result is such that it will speak for themselves. Now a day, we are continuing to lot of fun, Activity, and Games, Constructive and corporative team building activity.

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What are the Best Courses in Event Management

In india there are very good institutes which offers courses in event and exhibition -

1.National Institute of Event Management
Locations-Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolhapur, Pune, Odisha and Jodhpur

It is one of the best Institutes of event management in Asia which offers best courses in event management in various locations all over the country as mentioned above.

1.Post-Graduate Diploma in Event Management (PGDEM) 11 Months part-time course
2.Diploma in Event Management (DEM) 11 Months part-time course
3.Post-Graduate Diploma in Advertising, Media & Event Management (PGDAME) 11 Months Full-Time Post Graduate Level Course
4.BBA in Event Management (BBA) 3 Years Full-Time Course
5.MBA in Event Management (MBA) 2 Years Full-Time Course

2.Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication
Location-Institutional Area, Sector - 8, Dwarka, New Delhi

Apeejay Institute is one of the finest institutes in Delhi NCR for MASS COMMUNICATION and Event Management studies. They provide opportunities to the students to develop an understanding in the strategic management of public relations and event management according to studies of the old and current trend in Event field.

Courses-They offers One Year Full Time Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Communication & Event Management with 8 weeks internship.

3.National Institute of Fashion and Events

Location- Wright Town, Opposite to Grover Hospital, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh

It is commonly known as NIFE, It renowned as one of the top Fashion Designing college in India which provides the best training and promotes employable skills and develop social provides Technical, Practical Knowledge and industry exposure in the area of designing and event management.

1.One year PGD In Event Management
2.MBA in Fashion Design Management, Interior Designing, Retail Management
3.B.Sc in Fashion Technology in Interior Design,
5.Diploma in Fashion Technology
6.Diploma in Fashion Photography
7.Advanced Diploma in Interior Design

4.Institute of Mass Communication Film & Television Studies
 Location- Kolkata

They provide certification in many vocational courses to develop skills for students to be ready to work in the industry. They do not provide only theoretical knowledge but they are also taught practical things to the students.

They offer 6 months certification in ADVERTISING, PUBLIC RELATIONS AND EVENT MANAGEMENT with the total of 120 class hours.

5.Amity School of Communication
  Location-New Delhi

It is a premier communication institute which offers professional courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. It is having a world-class infrastructure with a good placement record.



    B.A. (Film & Television Production)
    B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication)
    B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication)
    B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication)
    B.A.(Mass Communication - International)

Post Graduate

    MA (Advertising & Marketing Management)
    MA (Film & TV Production)
    MBA (Media Management)
    MA (PR & Event Management)
    MBA (PR & Event Management)
    M.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication)

Ph.D Programme

    Ph.D. (Mass Communication)
    Ph.D. (Mass Communication) - Part Time

6.National Academy of Event Management and Development (NAEMD)
Locations-Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Kolhapur, Pune, Odisha and Jodhpur

It is best event management institute in India located in various parts of the country. It was awarded as the 'Best Institute of Event Management' at Asia Education Summit, 2016 and 2017. It Provides practical work opportunities to the students at events like Femina Miss India, Miss Diva and India's Got Talent. Limca Book of Records has awarded this institute as "Asia's first & best institute" in event management institutes. It is having  International Membership and Associations with ISES, IAEE, IFEA.

1.MBA in Event Management and PR PG Degree Full - 2 years

Course Status
Affiliated to Bharathiar University

2.BBA in Event Management and PR UG Degree Full - 3 years

Course Status
Affiliated to Bharathiar University

3.Diploma in Event Management and PR UG Diploma  - 1 year

4.Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management and PR PG Diploma Part Time- 1 year

5.Diploma in Aspect of Media, Marketing and Events UG Diploma - 1 year

6.Diploma in Public Relation & Corporate Communication UG Diploma Part Time- 6 months

7.Post Graduate Diploma in Aspect of Media, Marketing and Events PG Diploma  - 1 year

7. Indian Institute of Learning and Advanced Development(INLEAD)
Location-Gurugram, Haryana

Indian Institute of Learning and Advanced Development (INLEAD), Gurugram is a very good institute for event management and many other vocational courses.INLEAD is an ISO 9001-2008 certified institution. They offer PG Program, PG diploma and MBA programs in various streams. Candidates are shortlisted on the basis of CAT/MAT XAT exams.


8.EMDI Institute of Media & Communication
  Location-New Delhi

It provides on-site job training opportunities to all the students, which gives them real-life learning and exposure. It is the practical wisdom and hands-on experience gained that sets them different from others. The unique method of teaching and learning techniques are employed to give knowledge and skills to students at EMDI Institute of Media & Communication.

1.Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management & Public Relations
2.Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising - PGDA
3.Diploma in Event Management + BBA
4.Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management

9.Impact Institute of Event Management (IIEM)
Location-South Ex 1, Delhi

1.BBA in Event Management and PR UG Degree  Time Duration - 3 year

2.Diploma in Event Management UG Diploma Full Time Duration - 1 year

3.Certificate in Wedding Planning Full Time Duration - 6 months

4.Certificate Course in Celebrity Management

5.Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management

6.PG Diploma Part Time - ClassroomDuration - 1 year

7.MBA in Event Management and Public Relation PG Degree Full Time Duration - 2 years

8.Post Graduate Diploma in Event Management PG Diploma Full Time Duration - 1 year

9.Certificate Course in Fashion Photography Full Time Duration - 3 months

10.Certificate Course in Destination Wedding Full Time Duration - 3 months

11.Certificate Course in Sports Management Full Time Duration - 3 months

12.Certificate Course in Corporate Events Full-Time Duration - 3 months

 10.Delhi School of Communication
 Location-IGNOU Road, Neb Sarai, New Delhi

1.Post Graduate Diploma Program in Communication Full Time Duration - 2 years

2.Program in Advertising and Marketing

Part Time - ClassroomDuration - 6 months

3.Program in Script Writing (Copy, Creative and Content)

Part Time - ClassroomDuration - 6 months

4.Certificate in Digital Marketing

Part Time - ClassroomDuration - 3 months

5.Certificate in News Writing (Hindi and English)

Part Time - ClassroomDuration - 3 months

6.Certificate in Public Relations and Event Management

Part Time - ClassroomDuration - 3 months

7.Certificate in Business Communication

Part Time - ClassroomDuration - 3 months

8.Program in Media Marketing

Part Time - ClassroomDuration - 4 months

11. Academy of Convention, Trade Fair, Event Research and Management

 Location- India Expo Mart, 25-27, Knowledge Park II, Greater Noida

Academy of Convention, Trade Fair, Event Research and Management(ACTERM) is an educational initiative by India's largest integrated convention and exhibition center, India Expo Centre and Mart. The offered courses by ACTERM are designed as keeping in mind of the current trend and requirement of the event industry. They give opportunities to their students to do volunteering in some biggest exhibitions and conventions of the country. These practical work experiences give better knowledge to the students than the theoretical classes. And the best part this academy is that they provide 100% campus placement to all the students of each course.


1.Diploma in Trade Fair, Event & Convention Management
 Eligibility- 10+2
  Duration- 1 year, 2 Semester
  Part Time (6 hrs per week)
2.PG Diploma in Trade Fair, Event & Convention Management
  Eligibility- Graduate
  Duration-1 year, 2 Semester
  Part Time (8 hrs per week)

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