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Leave Artist Management with Us For Your Gala Event and Relax Happily!

It is a gross understatement to say that Event Management is a ticklish task. If you had ever been taken charge of conducting a Musical Night for your Club’s Anniversary Celebrations, you will know what the meaning of that statement is. There are many loose-ends to get tied up. Of them all, fixing an exponent Team of Musicians, by searching and locating one, arranging for there to and fro, checking their conveniences and comforts, and sending them back with satisfaction – will be hectic – to say the least.

Well – now that we are living in the Internet era, you can consider all those hassles as things of the past. All you need to do is – as soon as your organization or Celebration Committee decides to conduct a Musical Night - just contact “hire 4 events” ( ) - an ISO 9001 Certified Company. Tell them your requirements, date, and venue for the Event – finished – done.

Thereupon the expert professionals of hire4event Company will swing into action. They will take care of everything – from Artist Scouting; Artist Booking and Artist Management – and make your ensuing Event a grand gala affair. By the Audience Applause rocking the whole venue, you can sit in the Audience, enjoy the entire performance, hand-shake with the Artists and see them off with a smile.

In between the above sequence of events, there are many aspects to be looked into, behind the scenes by their experts. First and foremost is to assess from your people, what type of Music Party they will be happy to enjoy, leaving nothing to chance like the size of the Group Orchestra; electrical and electronic equipment and appliances to be put into use; the size of the Stage to the expected number of Audience etc.

Accordingly, they will offer different Music Teams available with them, such as scintillating Tarkash Rock; nerves-tingling Nalayak Rock; or the heart-rending melodies of Hindi Songs by the “Local Train”. Please note each one of them will be unique in its own way, in performing top-gear Music to steal the hearts of the Audience, as a whole.

As the hire4event is an Organization of highest world-standard quality, you can expect from them a Service that is flawless and impeccable, with clinical precision. Everything related to the contracted Event of yours will be planned meticulously and executed perfectly from start to finish.

This way, you can use the services of hire4event for either one single Event or a series of Events, to be held at various dates and periods by you or by your associates. Planning all the Events beforehand and sorting out the Event Arrangement and Artist Management will greatly reduce tension, for everyone concerned.

As regards Marketing and Promotions of your proposed Event (s) are concerned that can also be taken care of by the professionals of hire4event Company. The in-house Marketing Team of this Company will see to it that your word gets instilled in the minds of your targeted Customers, by the Grand Success of the Event in the anvil.

Finally, you get lots of Payment Options most convenient to you. The professionals of hire4event are damn sure that you will become their Brand Ambassador, to canvas for their Artist Management skills, once you feel very happy about their services. Just click to enjoy all the above benefits!


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Career in event management in India

Events and occasions are saying as to be an integral part of our lifestyle. We simply cannot bypass them as they touch almost all aspects of our social existence. Birthday celebrations, social gatherings, engagements, and weddings are events we celebrate at the personal level.

 During course years there are many events that are may be such as inter and intra school contests, annual fest, sports day celebration, followed by university and college level fest. In the sphere of work, there are annual general meetings, marketing campaigns, exhibitions, product launches, conferences and brand development activities. There are also such events along with the school and college as fashion shows, cultural programs, promotional campaigns, religious gatherings talent hunt shows, and so on. We also play an important role to improve the lifestyle of human beings.

 And what’s more, all of us have been a part of these events from time to time. We either organize the whole event or take part in the show to make the event memorable. Either way, we want these occasions to go on as per our expectations and in doing so we often seek professional help. However, we do not pay much need to the people who put in their effort and creative talent to make these events memorable and successful. They are called as event managers.

 Event management is a mutability activity. Major constituents of this profile Customer relationship management, meticulous planning, include creativity, including creativity, advertising and marketing, Offline promotion, Online promotion, digital marketing, Network marketing and much more, all rolled into one seamlessly choreographed process.

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How to plan a corporate event

Corporate Event Ideas is to be all about fun, building great relationship and to make these relations we are working to which to get the client more convenient and thankful to us. We at try to convert the dream of the client to reality. For that we have a great and Experience Employees that make this thing happen.
And most companies will offer something along the lines of: going for a few pints on a Friday afternoon, popping out for a meal on the managers, an awesome Christmas party etc. which are all fabulous and do work wonders for morale.!

But have you ever wanted to do something a bit quirkier?

This week, we’ve come up with a list of slightly more original sometimes weird, sometimes wonderful ideas for your next corporate event… enjoy!

·         Entertainment: It should be DJ, Fashion show, Solo Singing, Modelling, Band, Karaoke etc. to have fun with in the company and to get the employee participate in it so that they enjoy it and as they get the fun they also make the increment in the productivity of the company.

·         Escape the room Games: This idea is increasing in popularity, Logic, requiring teamwork, Leadership, and patience to escape a locked room using hidden objects, and puzzle solving in search of the key that will unlock the door.

·         Laser Tag: Adults get to go back to behind the kid again, with a good old-fashioned game of laser tag. Adrenaline pumping competition involves strategizing. Logic, teamwork, and a good healthy dose of competition along with a great aerobic workout.

·         Scavenger Hunting: This can be done around a city or in a park on reservation. It can also have conducted in the building if an outdoor venue is not an option. Break employees into groups and set up clues leading to the final destination which includes lunch and dinner. The challenge of searching for clues will require working together to solve puzzles, Leadership and will build camaraderie.

·         Carnival: Remember how fun carnivals were as a kid.? With the colourful striped tents all the lined up next to each other to create an endless row of games and food? You can recreate that childhood fun in your next corporate event.

·         Live Music: Music is enjoyed universally and can bring people together from all over. For which it can be make an endless fun in your next corporate event.

·         Company House: As Constructing a building of an event can create an intimate feeling for your guests. It will be such that to attract more of the guests towards you for the next corporate event. We will there to make this happen for you.

·         Guests or Fan Festival: This is also a festival that can be possible to make the fans of the companies happy. This is done to get more fans attraction towards the company and to get them happy. This Fan Festival is seriously a boost up for the company to make more fan and guests.

·         Creative Lighting: We at make the area of the corporate event as such it blinks like a star to attract the employees and to get the guests of the company happy. In this we make a lot of things so that it will be memorable corporate event.

·         Celebrities Night: We at also work on artist management where we can invite artist to your event to make your event memorable and full of fun.

·         Winning Prize: In this we have a lot of things to do. We make competition in between the employees or guests to make fun and to get connected to each other. That may be beneficial for the company performance.


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Top tent houses in greater noida

Greater noida is one of the top beatiful city in india here is lot of event ongoing at india center and mart and Buddh intertnational circuit .There is some of big tent houses like Vishnu tent house and Raghav ji tent house located in beta-1 Rampur market. They have wast experience in decoration ,catering , and event management for wedding and corporate events.These tent houses are having big inventory with them which can creat large scale events .Experience with top events they are exellent in event production.

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Have you ever organized an Event – a Wedding function; Party; Musical Night; Fashion Show; Exhibition; Seminar; Conference or Local Festival? If so, you will easily understand that conducting an Event successfully is a formidable task. Any small failure or lapse will bring forth chaos, and as Organizer, you have to bear the “Cross”.
But luckily we are living in the Internet era. Lots of our tasks have been made easier by using this facility. Event Management is the best example. Now you don’t need to undergo all those mental tortures and hassles, in organizing any Event – be it small, medium or big. Just contact hire4event (, a professionally run and one of the best event management companies in Delhi, and hand-over the same.
This Company is a professional Event Management Organization; and has secured International Quality Certification for their Services. So you can trust them for complete and comprehensive Services, for undertaking the responsibility of conducting your Event – whatever it is – and making it a Grand Success.
You will reap all the following benefits, if only you contact hire4event and entrust your ensuing Event:
There is no Event that cannot be managed in the best manner by this Organization.
The long list of Events includes – Exhibition and Trade Fairs; Entertainment Event of any art or performance like Music or Dance etc.; Fashion Shows; Corporate Events like Product Introduction or Promotion etc.
Sports Events; Anniversaries of Social Clubs or Associations; Awards Presentation Functions; Charity Programs; Local Festivals
Weddings and Family Functions etc. and whatever
In all the above Events, the total responsibility is undertaken right from giving appropriate Consultation, with regard to the smooth conduct of the Event, and Planning the Event perfectly without leaving anything to chance.
Discussing with you even minute details of the Event and specifying the total Budget Layout
Selecting and Fixing the proper Venue in consultation with you, after ascertaining the approximate audience strength or participants numbers
Obtaining proper License or Permission to the selected Venue
Being one of the best event management companies in Delhi, hire4event is completely self-sufficient, in respect of possessing and renting all the required infrastructure, equipment, installations and apparatuses used in the given Event.
In addition, this Organization has a complete network of suppliers of assorted items needed for any Event. The moment the Event is finalized, they will inform the suppliers to alert them to be ready, and bring all the required items direct to the Venue of the Event.
On the day of the Event, the crew of the Organization will be present well in advance, to finish all the installation and fixing up of the equipment used for the Event
 The Volunteers deputed by the Organization will take their places to control, guide and getting the audience, to be seated and taking care of receiving and escorting VIPs and Celebrities
All safety precautions will be undertaken to ensure there is nothing goes wrong throughout the Event when in progress.
After the Event is over, bringing everything back to the original position, with cleanliness and orderliness becomes the responsibility of the Organization.
Summing up, when you entrust the Event Management to hire4event you are assured of Guaranteed Success of your Event. You can avail all the above benefits by clicking  

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