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1. LADARCHA FAIR: Villagers from Spiti, Lahaul, Kinnaur and Ladakh descend on Kaza for the Ladarcha Fair. All sorts of goods are bought and sold, traders wear their finest clothes, and music, dance and feasts add to the entertainment.
2. LOSAR : Tibetans across Himachal celebrate their New Year with processions, music, dancing and champs (ritual masked dances by monks).
3. DALAI LAMA BIRTHDAY : Celebrated among Tibetan communities.
4. PAURI FESTIVAL : Triloknath is a major pilgrimage site, especially during the Pauri Festival honouring its temple deity.
5. PHULECH FESTIVAL : Villagers pile fragrant wildflowers in the stone courtyard in the Centre of the village, and oracles make predictions for the coming year.
6. LAVI FAIR : The huge Lavi Fair, in the second week of November, attracts traders and pilgrims from remote villages and valleys. It's both commercial and cultural, with traditional folk dance and other events.
7. MINJAR FESTIVAL : Every year since 935, Chamba has celebrated the annual harvest with the Minjar Festival in honor of the deity Raghuvir (an incarnation of Rama) – nowadays a week of processions, sports, folk dance and music and a vast flea market on the Chowgan.Minjar – shoots of maize – are offered to Varuna, god of rains.
8. DUSSEHRA : Kullu hosts one of the most unusual and colourful Dussehra festivals in India. Unlike the one-day celebrations common elsewhere, Kullu Dussehra goes on for a week. The opening day is the most exciting, with 200 or more gloriously decorated village devtas (deities) from the around the valley arriving in town on palanquins, having been carried here on foot.The devtas assemble at the Raja Rupi palace then pay homage to Raghunath Ji at his temple in the early afternoon, before moving in a wonderful cavalcade, with trumpets blaring and drums beating and decked in gorgeous garlands and draperies studded with silver masks, down to the Dussehra grounds. Here the tiny image of Raghunath Ji is placed in a large, wheeled, wooden chariot and pulled to its allotted place by teams of rope-hauling devotees amid large, excited crowds.The village devtas 'dance' – tilting from side to side and charging backwards and forwards – before settling down in their own allotted places around the grounds, where they and their attendants camp for the week of the festival.The rest of the week is focused mainly on a huge retail fair spread over the Dussehra grounds and, in the evenings, dance, music and other performances in the adjacent auditorium. On the seventh day everyone goes home. With tens of thousands of people converging on Kullu, accommodation is scarce and expensive, but it’s an easy day trip from Manali or even Kasol.
9. SHIVRATRI: Mandi . Local deities are carried down from the surrounding hills on elaborately decorated palanquins to pay homage  to Lord Shiva at Bhootnath temple.
10. MANI MAHESH YATRA: Bharmaur . The pilgrimage to sacred Mani Mahesh lake draws thousand of Hindu devotees. its water are believed to cleanse the sins of lifetime.

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