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Haryana and Punjab cover the vast plains that stretch between the river Indus & Gangetic fertile soil and the improved agricultural technique of 1960s green revolution have made his region the granary of India, producing morethan a half the wheat, rice, millet grown in the country. as industrial development flourishes the country these two states also started its growth towards dairy and wool industry.
Famous places to visit in Haryana and Punjab...
CHANDIGARH: It is the state capital of both Haryana & Punjab. It was built in early 1950s by a well known architect le courbusier. Apart from the capital city the tourist attraction are rose garden which have more than 1000 variants of roses and the museum and art gallery of chandigarh and the rock garden one of the most popular tourist spot for the people of chandigarh.created by nek chnad in 1970
PANIPAT: it is situated 85 km north from the Delhi. famous for its historical battles that led to the establishment of mughal empire it imposes a great place in Indian history too.
AMRITSAR: founded in 1577 by fourth Sikh guru ram Das . Amritsar was built on the site donated by Mughal emperor Akbar. in the heart of the city famous GOLDEN TEMPLE is situated . Jallian Wala Bagh also a short distance from Amritsar. and the Wagah border last check post on the Indian border is 9 km away from Amritsar
PATIALA: this city is situated between Satluj and Ghagar river famous for its Royality. it was formerly a princely state ruled by string of flamboyant rulers in the 19th century. who made this name by word for everything larger than life .
two famous things which are on this name Patiala peg and Patiala Salwar .its rulers were also enthusiastic patrons of the arts , architecture and sports. all this you can feel from the Qila Mubarak famous tourist spot in Patiala.

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