7 Best Sound Systems for Seminar and Conferences

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Sound System for Seminars
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Sound Systems for Seminar and Conferences

Conferences and seminars require clear and low noise sound system and compact in size. So It must be easy to control and easy to configure. Even more we have shortlisted some best speakers for small size event for better results. We have included only professional brands in the list. All are available in sound rental market in India. Anyone can hire these Sound Systems for Seminar and Conferences.

  • (1)RCF HDL-20

It is one of the most noteworthy and top selling sound in India easy to fit in conferences, seminar, small Gigs, and corporate events. HDL-20 have two 10” Driver with 700 watt RMS and 1400 Watt peak. It is a powered sound in a compact size with unbeatable quality in its Range. Its power rating is 135 db.


JBL SRX series is very famous and most used line-array sound system in India in professional version. This is a passive sound system but very easy to handle. Sound clarity and loudness is tremendous. Can be install for seminars ,conferences and small size musical events.  VRX series having 12” single driver with 1750 Watts Peak 875 Watts Continuous output. Its power rating is 137 DB.


JBL EON Series is very sound for announcements and conferences produce very good sound with Self powered 15″, two-way, bass-reflex Max SPL Output 127 dB. This is a portable sound system easy to install in tripod stand.


JBL SRX Series is very famous sound for loudness and clarity It have two 15” driver with strong output 1200 W / 2400 W / 4800 W. It is passive sound system require amplifiers . It can be used as side fills in concerts and band performance.


    PRX is powered version of SRX series so it have same functionality and output as SRX series.

  • (6)RCF HDL-30

RCF HDL 30 is upgraded version of HDL-20 This is more technology efficient and better output than HDL-20 . It have 2200W two way amplifier with 137 DB Max SPL. HDL 30 includes exclusive fire-phase technology on board RDNET control and management.

  • (7)RCF TTL-33

TTL 33 is compact version of Its flagship model TTL series. This a three ways line-array module with 1250 watt spl. It have switching amplifiers with 6 high power neodymium transducers 96Khz, 32 bit DSP processing RDNET on board.

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