How to Create Special Effects in Events

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How to Create Special Effects in Events
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Creativity is Must in Big Fat Events-

Event industry is all about creativity and effects. In India generally bellow things used for special effects  in events and theme creations in concerts. We are one of the top event management company in India which provides special equipment on rent in Delhi NCR and North India.

  •  Colourful balloons –

This is the most common thing which is used for social events like birthday party, new year evening, wedding, inaugurations. Balloons can be used to decorate anything like entry gate, Tables, ambience, trees, stages, etc.These balloons are easily available anywhere and the main thing is costing is not too much high. So this is the best thing to decorate any occasion as its very easy to use it.

  •  Create some Fog-

The fog machine is a good way to create effects at any musical event it looks very beautiful when colourful lights fall on fog its look like a rainbow. This machine is easily available to any light sound rental company at very fewer charges.

  •  Use Dry ice fog machine-

Dry ice machine is very common in events which generate huge fog from dry ice without know side effects look like a cloud. The fog generated from fog machine will be stable for 10-15 minute and people can dance in it.

  • Bubble Machine-

This is very easy to use the machine to create bubble from washing powder or soap liquid usually use for kids event and TV shows to create effects.

  • Snow Machine to make your event cool-

Snow machine create flakes with no freezing temperature but look like real snowfall. It is used for Christmas parties, new year evenings, birthday parties, winter parties etc.

  •  Wind Machine-

This is simple high-speed fan controlled by DMX create wind effects can be used for special effects.


  • Project logo with Gobo-

Gobo projector is a gobo light, it is a old technology to project any message is the logo on any surface.


  • Projector with limitless use-

Now technology in the projector is very limitless as you can project anything at any dimension. The projector is used to display creative anywhere with any purpose like videos, images, presentations, creative display, efx etc.

  • Confetti blast-

Confetti blast is most used technology for musical events and grand celebrations. Because it helps to create a celebrating environment on stage.  This is a very simple technique which can be used easily. Normally we use gunpowder in a steel container with an electric shot to blast and its thoughts anything which is available in the container.

  • CO2 Gun-

This gun is used to create special effects for any large scale event. CO2 cylinders are used to operate a CO2 machine.

  • Cold Pyro-

Cold Pyro is very popular these days for any Kind of events. It is basically a chemical cracker connected to an electric circuit which blows together when the electric flow starts in the circuit.

  • Led Wall-

This most used material in every event. LED wall is a panel of led light being used alike display screen available in any sizes.

  • Laser light-

These lights are the very high tech thing for event industry to create special effects. Now laser lights are usually used for any video or image which is being a project in the air any possible height. This is used for the project any message anywhere without any object.


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