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Some Important Keys to Organise a College Fest –

A college is a place where most students go with big dreams in their eyes and a lot of expectations. We have all been college students once, isn’t that true?
College is supposed to be this happening place where you meet new people and make friends, party with them, bunk class with them, laugh at the teacher and so much more. It’s a whole bag full of great memories.

  One of the most memorable parts of college is all those fests, college festivals when people turn up in college. For making that experience memorable, a whole team puts in so much effort into organising one festival. Let me tell you; it is not at all comfortable but not impossible too.
Organising a college fest requires list making and then actually going through that checklist one by one to make sure you haven’t missed out on anything. I have listed some of the most important things to take care of while organizing such an event.


There is nothing more important than a budget for organizing an event. Before deciding on all the great things that you can do in a college festival, you need to see if you can go through with them considering your budget. Going through with expensive plans without a budget can land you in a cash crunch. Like, if you want the best Punjabi singer there, then that can’t happen on a small budget. You can get approval from your college by consulting the faculty about the procedure. Once it gets approved its go time for you.


Organising a college festival is never the work of one single person, it’s a whole team behind the success. Build that team and take as many people as you need. Make individual people take care of different departments and place more people under them who make sure even the smallest things are done. A good team can only make your festival a success.


Sometimes, what happens is that the college doesn’t approve of all the money you require. Not to worry in this case. Go for sponsorship if you need more money. You make a small college festival so grand with the help of right sponsors. This isn’t good for you but the college as well. Sometimes, sponsors are necessary when you want something like a top singer for the college event.


A college festival will be amazing only when people come to attend it. This is why you need to promote the vent while you are preparing for it. Always have a marketing team with you which is continually working on improving the vent on various platforms. The more people attend the fest, the better it will be for the college and the event. Sponsors would be more interested in your fest if there is already hype about it. Inviting the best celebrity for college fest can create a good hype about it.

There might be a lot of time till the actual date of the fest, and you might think that things would quickly get done in the last ten days. This never happens, something gets skipped somehow. Start preparing, the moment you have your budget. Pre-arrangement of things like food, the venue, set up for the stage, etc. is always good. This way you have more time to focus on smaller details. The vendors who prepare things like stage etc. also need time to plan stuff of time itself. If you are planning to call a top singer for a college event, then you would need to look at these things in advance.


Start planning months ahead and keep checking out things as they are done. Prepare a list first of tasks that need to be accomplished in a particular time frame. Follow that time frame along with the menu and check out once everything is done. If something isn’t done on time, you will instantly know you are falling behind. Along with the list have the name of the person taking care of it, so you know who to go to in case the work isn’t done. This way all the work for the event will be done with a timeline.

Have a separate team take care of things like technical, light, cultural, etc. Proper event management has to be done where everyone isn’t jumping into everything. Grouping is significant considering there is so much to do. When the top singer for a college event has come you need to receive him, take care of the guests and manage your team. Management doesn’t come easy; it has to be made sure that the right department does the right thing.

Once the vent is done and successful, make sure you thank everyone who was responsible for the success. No one hates a pat on the back for doing something right. This way you have a great and hardworking team in the long run. Have a post-event session where you review everything with everyone and pack up well in time too.

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College festivals are the time where we see everyone working hard genuinely to make something successful. This is a time one of us forgets in our life because it is so high.

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