Brand Building –

Hire4event is one of the Delhi NCR based top brand promotion company Provide services in brand promotion, Marketing activity, provide limitless services with unique concept with expert team having experience from fortune 500 companies in segment of Alcohol Industry, Baby Care Industry, Consumer Durable Industry, Food & Beverage Industry, Household Care Industry, Nutraceutical /VMS Industry, Personal Care Industry, Pet Care Industry, Salon Industry, Automotive and Transport, Business and Finance, Chemicals and Materials, Consumer Goods and Services, Energy and Natural Resources, Food and Beverage, Government and Public Sector, Healthcare, Humanities Books, Industry Standards, Manufacturing and Construction, Military Aerospace and Defence, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunications and Computing etc. 

We provide bellow services

  • 1.Print and Production
  • 2.Corporate Public Relations
  • 3.Roadshow Management 
  • 4.Media monitoring/tracking for the company
  • 5.Crisis management if any
  • 6.Research reports and Data Analysis
  • 7.Analysts meet and seminar
  • 8.Research and analysis
  • 9.Strategy planning and execution
  • 10.Creative services and design
  • 11.Fund raising and management
  • 12.PR Management and brand building
  • 13.Digital Marketing
  • 14.Media buying and planning
  • 15.Roadshows and events
  • 16.Corporate Communication
  • 17.Brand Building Communication
  • 18.Crisis Management
  • 19. Influence & Opinion Management
  • 20.Exhibition Management and production
  • 21.Road-show Management
  • 22.Media Relations
  • 23.Strategy & Planning
  • 24.Multi-platform connect
  • 25.Campaigns & Activation’s
  • 26.Media Planning & Buying
  • 27. Team & Analytics
  • 28. SEM & SEO, Ad-words, Social media
  • 29.Object-relational mapping
  • 30.Digital Video Production
  • 31.Corporate Communication
  • 32.Brand Building Communication
  • 33.Image technology and promotion
  • 34.Crisis Management
  • 35.Influence Management
  • 36.Corporate social responsibility
  • 37.Event Management
  • 38.Road-show Management
  • 39.Media Relations
  • 40. BTL
  • 41.Event sponsorship
  • 42.Exhibition Participation
  • 43. Ooh management
  • 44. Vehicle branding
  • 45.Above the line marketing
  • 46. Through the line marketing
  • 47.Parking and public place branding
  • 48. SMS ans Whatsapp marketing
  • 49.Merchandise distribution
  • 50.Mall and market activities
  • 51. Product launch and dealer meet


Online Marketing –

The purpose of this blog is to give you a bit of information about Hire4event and the various digital marketing services we offer. Along with information and pricing for a custom marketing solution based on your needs. Based on our previous discussion, I feel like we are a good fit for one another. I’ve spoken with my team, and they’re excited to get to work helping you reach your marketing goals.

At the end of this document, you’ll find a pricing table that includes the services we’ve discussed previously. If after reviewing our full list of services you feel like the items in the pricing table don’t fit your needs appropriately. just send me a comment (to the right) and I’ll make any necessary changes. Once you’re happy with the services and prices for your custom digital marketing solution. Go ahead and e-sign at the bottom of this proposal and we’ll move forward from there!


We are one of the top Marketing Companies in India. specialising in high-end services of the digital world from best in class Digital to offline Marketing. We are a team of experienced and qualified Marketing professionals. helping the Businesses turn into Brands by attempting to travel beyond the conventional ways of marketing techniques and principles. In today’s digital business world, you need a partner who can help you take advantage of marketing opportunities across a variety of channels in real-time. Hire4event combines a data-driven approach with knowledge gained from years in digital marketing to deliver outstanding results to our clients.


Advertising is the most important aspect of a business. As it plays an imperative role for both manufacturers and customers. It is important for the business on the whole as it lets the business gain more customers. It helps to raise your target demographics awareness of issues with which they may be unfamiliar as well as educate them on the related benefits of your products or service. Keeping in mind the benefits of advertising. we use different advertising techniques to make people aware of your product in the market.

Some of them are –
  • Banners 
  • Newspaper Ads 
  • Brochures 
  • Standees 
  • Auto Advertisement  And many more

Social Media has become a powerful medium to create a buzz factor for a product, service or individual personality. And it helps the company in increasing its name & fame. among group belonging to a particular region carrying a specific interest and their personal liking. In the market, there are a huge number of companies that do social media optimisation. But the fact it is that SMO does not mean simply posting on your company’s page.



   SMO is a process of brand building that needs an utmost skill to understand and execute that what is to be created when it has to be posted. how it has to be posted, how it has to be targeted to the audience & finally increasing the reach within the target audience. Once the reach starts increasing, our SMO expert will be evaluating & analyzing the degree of engagement that is happening on that particular post; engagement means likes, shares, and comments. We carry the right expertise & potential not just to manage your social media accounts but to grow your social media penetration to the target audience. It is because of our result oriented approach that the clients are with us from years and we share a very strong relationship with them.


One of the things that setsAdive Agencies apart is our flexible approach to marketing solutions. We understand that not every company has the same needs or goals, and we excel in developing customized solutions to fit your needs. Whether you need an end-to-end digital marketing package or just a few key services to support your internal team, we’re able to meet your needs. Grab It!!!!


Email Marketing is the most evolved and digital form of traditional direct mail marketing that carries the potential to target customers with a personalized approach. Today it has become a big challenge to run an effective email marketing campaign with a confirm delivery of an email in the customer’s mailbox.


Planning, Strategy & Creation As per the business model. An e-mail marketing campaign is strategized and e-mailers are conceptualised & designed. Test Campaigns After setting up the e-mail marketing campaigns, they are tested before going live. Send – Execute live Campaigns Finally, the campaigns are set to go live on the targeted user group and subscriber group. Measure – Campaign Analysis After making the campaigns live they are continuously analysed and measured in terms of their reach, engagement and bounce ratio. Smart Reporting After the complete execution of the steps the detailed strategic reports are generated and sent to the respective client.

SMS MARKETING (Short Messaging Service)-

marketing is a mobile marketing channel which is making quick strides to reach out to target customers through text messages


Planning, Strategy & Creation As per the business model, an SMS Campaign is strategized and SMS are conceptualised & designed. Test Campaigns After setting up the SMS Marketing campaigns, they are tested before going live. Send – Execute live Campaigns Finally, the campaigns are set to go live on the targeted user group and subscriber group. Measure – Campaign Analysis After making the campaigns live they are continuously analysed and measured in terms of their reach. engagement and bounce ratio. Smart Reporting After the complete execution of the steps the detailed strategic reports are generated and sent to the respective client.


Nowadays Influencer Marketing is very popular. It is a type of marketing in which influential people are targeted rather than the whole mob. Its main focus is to identify the individuals. who have influence over potential customers and orients marketing activities around these influencers. We help brands engage and activate audiences worldwide through top influencers, such as bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers. Using our unique expertise, we develop and execute creative influencer marketing strategies. to amplify your brand story at scale and reach billions of people. Our in-house team of specialists includes strategists, producers, influencer project managers, designers. developers, digital marketing analysts. and social media experts to support your brand from defining goals and objectives to complete campaign execution.


Planning for a promotional event can be a challenging project but usually achieves tremendous results if done right. Promotional events are usually created for businesses looking to promote their company as a whole. A new product launch, or a partnership that opens up a whole new segment of customers for a business to sell to. To have a face to face connect with your direct customers the promotional events are the best to achieve the desired result. We understand your goal and create your key message to communicate and identify your target audience. Then our marketing experts devise a smart plan to demonstrate your key message. Then we capture your event engaging social media.

   It’s critical that your event ends up putting more value into your business than it cost to put together. Whether that be additional media exposure, an increased customer list. or even generating a new partnership with a company that has a similar mission and/or complementing technology, it’s entirely up to you. Gathering emails, giving the attendees physical gifts or marketing flyers. Or even having them buy something at the actual event, you want your event attendees to remember you and your message. If these customers come back and know that your business is a reputable solution for their need, then you can call your event a success.


One of the many benefits of physical marketing is that it’s more likely to stick with the viewer. Compared to digital ads, print ads are easier for viewers to understand and provide better long-term brand recognition. An ad in a newspaper or a magazine is far more memorable than something you scroll past on the web. Because the medium is still so much more familiar. Printed ads are also perceived as being more trustworthy. People are more likely to believe something in their local paper than a banner across the top of a web page. While more expensive than online ads, print ads add to your brand’s overall credibility. While it’s necessary to have an online presence nowadays. You shouldn’t take that to mean print and tangible promotional materials are obsolete. 


Customers are very much attracted to the gifts received by them when they participate in a contest. Keeping the fact in mind we always use goods to promote your business. Promotional goods are the best way to win the hearts of customers.

Goods that we use for promotion are –

  • T-shirt
  • Caps and Pens
  • Mugs
  • Mouse Pads
  • Slippers
  • Bottles
  • Id Cards



We understand the impact a good website can have on the performance of any business. Given that it’s the first port of call for most customers and is generally where most of your marketing leads will be directed to, and therefore needs to accurately reflect the personality and brand promise of your business. We work on website projects of various shapes and sizes. be it development and/or design, for both private and public sector businesses and organisations. So whatever your requirements, we are sure to have a solution that will fit your budget.

  •  Design We believe web design is more than an ‘About Us’ and a ‘Contact’ page, it’s how you communicate. It’s how you show off your products and capabilities and most importantly. It’s how you convert leads. Our experts’ years of web design experience leads to a results-driven process that always ensures successful outcomes.
  • Development We use the best website platforms for hosting the website. Our expertise adds tools and applications that produce the results as the best web development languages are used.
  • Responsive we develop responsive sites that can expand or contract to fit the size of the screen. It is viewed on – desktop, notebook, smartphone, tablet, etc and work on all operating systems. If you want your website design to be accessible to the largest possible number of users. it should be responsive.


Our best talent in-house and on contract –

fashion photographers, product photographers, designers, stylists, and image editors live and breathe the passion of photography incorporates clients’ desired emotions. Which they want to portray effectively to their target audience into their clicks. Our creativity and vision to create fantastic, empowering photographs are an ideal ground. For image production across various platforms like catalogues, brochures, ads, websites, banners, flyers, leaflets, manuals, posters,etc.

  We project your brand image in the best possible manner through our photo shoots with the highest production values.
  • Fashion- Our specialisation is in both indoor and outdoor concept shoots. Whether you are a designer launching a new line or a model looking for a portfolio. We bring out the best in your garments and your looks. Moreover, our team of professionals makes the entire process very comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Industrial- We offer highly specialised services like Panoramic Industrial Photography and High Dynamic Range Photography. We do work for our clients’ factories, plants, and industrial units. Our images capture the vast expanse of the industrial units. as well as the fine details of any complex machinery and equipment.
  • Product- By using the latest digital photography technology and modern lighting equipment to photograph your products. We ensure they look their best and are projected with perfect sharpness on the web or in print. Our mix of passion and creativity in product photography will enhance the finesses of your products and make your brand’s presence felt with it.


Prayag Kumbh(Allahabad Kumbh) is worlds biggest event which have more than a billion attendees from around the globe. India has 4 places where Kumbh been organised –

1.Payag -Uttar Pradesh


3.Ujjain-Madhya Pradesh


In every 6 years, ARDHAKUMBH and in every 12 years MAHAKUMBH take places. Let me describe the Prayag Ardh Kumbh 2019. This event biggest ever event we seen in our life. Where the largest event production is installed in all kinds. Sound system, LED Wall, German hangers, pagoda, lightnings are used at a very huge level. More than 1 lac temporary toilets are installed with more than 30000 housekeeping staff are deployed. Total 1400 CCTV Camera is used to manage the security system and random head counting of attending s. Approx 200 km of temporary roads constructed by steel plates. Tin sheets are used to divide sectors and plotting. Largest ever electrification and water supply installation has done to provide free electricity and water supply.

Prayag kumbh- event with billion visitor
4 stages which are made by the Culture department and Sanskar Bharti to entertain people where artist from all over India are performing every day and there is no ticket for all these cultural shows.

1.Ganga Manch

2.Akshay Vat Manch

3.Rishi Bhardwaj Manch

4.Saraswati Manch



These are German hanger made waterproof structures with sound systems like RCF HDL-20, RCF TTL-55, JBL VERTEC 4888, are installed. More than 500 local sound service providers are giving their services to different Vedic organisations. Some audiovisual service provider from Delhi, Mumbai are here to provide quality services. LED Walls and sound systems are commenced around the city and Fair area for communication and information.

Installation of more than 40,000 LED bulbs has done for common area lighting. UNESCO has listed this devotee festival and Mela in the list of ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of the world. 10 crore SMS has been sent to citizens/attendees in three times, providing information on various aspects and facilities available for Kumbh Prayagraj. More than 4000 hotspots are being set up across the Mela area for providing high-speed Wi-Fi for all pilgrims and visitors.

In Kumbh 95 parking spots are constructed and About 18 satellite parking has been built. Special attention will be taken to facilitate the devotees. Luggage deposit houses were built to keep things etc.

All the large scale tent houses and event production companies near Allahabad, Lucknow, Kanpur, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Varanasi, are working in this festival. There is more than 10 tent city are made with all luxurious facilities and entertainment. Hire4event finally rename this Kumbh as “Event City”

Best corporate event themes

  • Themes for Corporate Event-

The Corporate world is a powerful world filled with money and planning. Every move is planned way before the execution. One decision affects every individual of that company. Then why not the same planning and efforts for events? Corporate is a hectic world, and every employee has to work long hours to achieve the goals set by the company. So after hard work, even the reward should be equally appealing. Events are a great way for a company to show their employees their gratitude or to show their partners and clients their gratitude. So why should these events be boring? So here are some great theme ideas for the next corporate event.

Soothing Outing in Nature’s Arms:

The Corporate world is pretty much confined to buildings for their operations. Even if they get out, it is to go to another building for a meeting. So for a much desired even let us go outside. Plan the event in an open-air resort that is surrounded by nature. Let everybody come in relaxed casuals and not uptight suits. You can also plan it on a beach. Waves are crashing, and everyone is playing volleyball. People are having fun on jet skis and enjoying the warm sun on their bodies. This will completely take away the stress and will refresh the brain. The party can be themed as be your true self. Let people get creative and think of new dresses to come in.

Party 007 Style:

James Bond’s style is regarded as the classiest of styles. So why not have a classy James Bond-themed party? This party could be for clients or partners for whom you cannot organise a casual party. But you don’t want to throw a formal party. So how about a high-class party? Everyone will come dressed as his or her favourite James Bond. Over here men can show off their style and cars and women can show off their dresses and kill with their looks. Here the party can happen, and even business can take place.

Happily Ever After:

No matter how old we get, we all have had our own favourite Fairy-tale. Someone likes Cinderella whereas someone admires Beauty and Beast. So how about giving everyone a chance to bring out their childhood fantasy. Let the ladies come in ball gowns and gents in prince costumes. This will not only bring out the fun but also keep it classy. The folklore are classics that are being read from generations after generations. So no one is too old to live their favourite story.

  • People often forget that corporate people are also normal people. They also have fantasies and desires that get lost in the midst of workload and pressure to cope up with life. When they are working so hard the company should realise their efforts. They should give them an opportunity to let themselves go and enjoy. Become stress-free and enjoy the moment. These corporate events do not have to be just about profit and loss. They can be about the people being themselves too.