Most Important checklist while planning a GIG

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Things to care while planning a GIG –

If you are planning an event like live music show you must have to aware of bellow thing to make your event successful because you will be in trouble if ignored any of bellow point.
  1. Venues– venue must be at good location and suitable for the audience. Because it will directly impact on your event sales and guest-list. Size of the venue always matters for any event so choose best possible venue only. Now you can select the best venues online from some online venue rental companies.
    2.Stage- Stage design and fabrication must be attractive because everyone will judges event essence by your stage design. Always try to make a big stage to create hype about your event. Always use some special effects to make your audience cheerful.
  2. Sound-Sound quality must be good which will affect your customers and musician too. If someone is there at music so he will aspect a good sound quality along with loudness. Always use good quality of sound brand like LA, JBL, RCF, KV2, EAW, DNB, DB, DAS, etc. Sound system must be heavy as per the number of audiences.
  3. Structure-Structure of the stage, barricading, rigging, setups, etc must be appropriate else it will create big trouble and cause an accident.
  4. Lighting-Lighting and the light effect will be a backbone as sound and artist. Light is as important as sound to make any event successful always use good light engineers with relevant accessories because it is one of the most important points to care.
  5. Power-Power supply is a very important part because nothing is possible with good electricity supply. As per equipment consumption quality of music, light, ambience lighting everything is dependent on power uninterrupted power supply. You have to take care of the voltage, frequency, and power supply backup every time. Must hire a backup gen-set to be safe from any trouble. Always take care of electrical safety and the most important thing is ground earth which will save equipment and electric shock.

7.LED Wall

LED wall is generally used in the backdrop, projection, display, live feed, etc. But it is the most common accessory for the special effect this is a better option to hire instead of projectors.
8.Effects- Special effects are very important for a big size music concert, EDM Festival, Corporate event, and celebration. People generally use Cold Pyro, CO2 blast, Confetti, Fog machine. Dry ice machine, and Laser lights along with projectors and high beam lightnings like sharpies, blinders, spotlights, and LED walls.

9.Barricading-To control crowd and artist safety you can use barricading like MOZZO, Cycle barricading, Tin barricading and black masking etc.

10.Artist- Your audience is there for your artist always take care of timing, and safety of artist and crew members. Take a sound check before the event start for uninterrupted music and artist can tune their equipment at that time.

11.Security– Hire good and experienced security company to manage event because controlling the crowd and safety is very important for any kind of event. Take police permission before the event else you will face big trouble. Make sure DFMD, Baggage scanners are installed at entry gate. Fire cylinder must be present near stage and power generators.

12.Permission and licenses– While planning a live show you must have to take licenses from Police, Fire, Traffic Police, Local authority like a municipal corporation, PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited)
IPRS (Indian Performing Right Society Limited) etc.

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