Starting an Event Management Business ?

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Many people strive to start an Event Management company these days as it is the most cheap and vast industry these days. One can act as a mediator between the buyer and provider and can make money out of it. Everything what they are thinking is correct but they have to learn the following 7 things before quitting their job or dropping their earlier business to start an Event Management Company:

1. Extraordinary ideas to for different types of events-

One, who is planning to enter in event industry should have some proper visionary ideas about events.They must must be aware about new technologies, trending things and their established competitors in industry.
If you are a freshers in industry means haven’t been in any kind of business, you should do any short term event management course or do a kind of internship in any event company to gain some practical knowledge.

2. Learn to create plan and map the requirements-

A proper planning and mapping for any kind of new business is must required thing. One should not start any kind of new venture without proper planning. Specially in event management (where the business name itself consist “management” word that means planning, balancing and operation)planning is must.
All the business in event industry is totally based on making plan, operation and execution. The planning helps in establishment of short and long range goals.

3. Proper management of the resources you have to access-

Most of the start up companies have very limited resources, specially in terms of financial funds. So every person associated with a start up company should keep in mind that they have give best in least outsources. Every start up company which are get in limelight as a well running company after some years their opening, all they work on “minimum input maximum output” theory.

4. An eye-catching web portal or website-

In today’s digital era,everyone doing their most of the business online. Approaching clients through digital marketing and websites in more convenient than doing it offline.Only putting your business online and to create website in not enough because everyone’s business is on digital platforms now a days.Our website or any kind of social media page should be very attractive and different than others. Proper development of web portal and designing of web pages according to latest trend is also must.

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5. Effective Pricing-

Pricing, the most talked about thing which matters to organisation, client, your benefit, client’s benefit and and your market value in industry. The pricing should be as fair that you are not bearing any loss, have achieved at-least your minimum benefit or if you are getting a huge benefit then must assure that your client should not feel looted according to their budget and your service.In event industry quotations finalise the deal so you have give a perfect rental price and service charge according to client’s requirement keeping your competitors rate in mind in same industry.

6. Advertisement on Social Media-

The posters, hoardings and standees are old days things. Now in digitalized world every kind of advertisement in done on the social media platforms. Every event company must have a Facebook page which should be updated on daily basis. It has an Instagram profile which should get updated with post and stories on daily basis and we should upload our after movies of events on IGTV and company’s YouTube channel.And the presence of your company should be on every social media platform as much as possible like it should be on LinkedIn,Twitter, Pinterest etc. It helps to come your company is vision of visitors of these particular social media platform.

7. Launch Party-

Launching of new product by any company is a common thing but when a company launches any of their product and organises a event for that particular product launch is called as launch party. It gives an exposure to your venture.

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