Waste Recycling and CSR Events can make India Pollution free?

What is Waste Management and Recycling- Waste management has become a big challenge for everyone in this world. Hazardous waste management is very important these days as per internet data below are the most polluted country in the world- Mongolia, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Lebanon, Nigeria, Vietnam, Egypt, Nepal, Monaco, Peru, China. Macedonia, Ethiopia, Jordan, Cambodia, […]

Sound System Rental Market in Bangalore and South Region

Sound Rental in Bangalore – Bangalore is a technology hub or we can say it is the information technology capital of India. Maximum IT companies from all over the world have their offices in Bangalore. If there are big corporate houses then a number of the corporate event will be higher than in other cities. […]

‘Explore, Listen & Book an Artist’.

Online Artist Management: Booking/Registration/Hiring- Find the artist you were looking for, from our 1500+ verified artists including Soloists, Duets, Bands and DJ. We are providing an interactive solution to simplify your artist acquisition and artist management problems. With integrated technical infrastructure, we aim to improve your productivity with ease. Our Services: Customizable monthly gig calendar […]

How to Make Event Management Proposal !

Event Management Proposal ! Subject- Event Management Proposal for your upcoming event My name is ‘XYZ’ , I would like to introduce our company XYZ Event Company that has been in the business of Event industry for the past so many years. We recently did ‘XYZ’, ‘XYZ’…… and many more events. We have been an […]