Handicraft, Food Stall and Flea Market Stall Ideas for Events and Carnival

Flea Market and Food Stall Ideas for Events and Carnival – Planning an event in residential society, RWA or organizing a carnival is difficult because there is a lot of things you will be confused about themes, stall booking, what kind of stall You have to place, What would be map to putting the stalls, […]

Activities to Keep Your Event Attendees Engaged

IDEAS TO KEEP YOUR EVENT AUDIENCE INTERESTED Event Audience are the reason events happen, everything at the corporate event is focused towards communicating a message to them. Generally, in conferences the audience feels tired when they do not get the words of speaker. Or the talks are out of domain of listeners, it leads to […]

What is Event Production ?

Event Production The production of  is bone of every event. Any organiser needs to plan event production very carefully because no event is possible without proper infrastructure.Event production includes all the event needs like light stage sound and infrastructure like security, washrooms, creative’s and licensing. Event production includes 90% work of any event you can […]

Best Event Venues in Goa

Event Places in Goa Goa, this name comes very first when someone talks about a trip or perfect place to destination wedding or any other kind of travel plan. This state is a perfect place for party animals, serial chillers and for fun and joy freaks. But  Finding a perfect venue for organising an  event […]