Top Indian Music Bands for Corporate Events

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Top Music Bands for Corporate Events
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Boost up your Employees and Business with Top 5 Corporate Event Bands-

Music is a fundamental piece of our lives. New advancements in technology enable us to appreciate most loved beats at anyplace. It also shows the highest honor; for example, the Grammy’s have aced the craft of highlighting Music splendidly. How might you go with the same pattern and guarantee that the ‘sounds’ of your corporate event leave a lasting impression? It’s all up to the band you choose for the event. We have discussed about some Top Music Bands in India in below paragraphs.

There’s in no way like a powerhouse corporate band to add life and vitality to a significant corporate event. The finest bands for the corporate occasion are the best corporate excitement. Giving high-vitality Music and move a good time for any event or group. When you contract a band through Hire4event, you can rest guaranteed they’ll be proficient and energizing. While conveying extraordinary shows loaded up with the most elevated quality music you’ll discover anyplace.

It’s the nature of the entertainment that decides if an event turns into a gigantic achievement or an inauspicious disappointment. We’re here to ensure your event is much fruitful than you can envision. That’s the reason we are suggesting you the best spread bands and artist groups in Delhi NCR. Our top five bands are specialists in changing ordinary events into wondrous encounters. That keeps everybody involved and wholly engaged.

Let’s see how these top five corporate bands boost your businesses by connecting the Employees rhythm into work.


It’s not just a name now or needs any clarification of being the best. It is one of the Top Music Bands in India. It’s a Digital Brand of pop-rock band artist now. Their old melodies and new composition push everyone to fall into the moment. There are four singers in the group — Sanam Puri (leading vocals), Samar Puri (driving guitar), Venky S. Aka Venkat Subramaniyam and Keshav Dhanraj (drums). Their Fan base is vast, and thus it can marketize your company too. For booking any live corporate event with SANAM their Manager- Ben Thomas or Hire4event anytime!

Sanam Band

2. The Local Train

The only rock band in India labeled with the best Music equipment company Sennheiser, and that makes them global. The group consists of Raman Negi(Lead Vocals, Acoustic), Paras Thakur(Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals), Ramit Mehra(Bass Guitar) and Sahil Sarin(The Drummer). They are quite famous among the youth, and their beats create more uplifting energy in any event. They have performed on almost every big platforms since started in 2008 to till date their Music influencing the modern listeners. The local train is a compatible band for startup companies as well as for the youth focus corporate events.

The Local Train

3. Indian Ocean

The Old is Gold. Yes, the band started in the 90s as a Rock Band is now a pioneer of the Fusion rock genre. This band has assembled the traditional values (folk) to the rock beats and continuing the legacy of experimental Music magically. Their group made up of lovely vocalist and classic instruments player including Nikhil Rao(Lead Guitarist), Amit Kalam(Drums), Rahul Ram(Bass Guitar), Himanshu Joshi and Tuheen Chakraborty(Tabla Percussionist). Their Music also played a significant role in many of the critically acclaimed Bollywood films and left a remarkable echo to the audience. The love for this band is fabulous between the old and the selective youths. The group is far engaging with the audience on every step of their performances in every type of events.

Indian Ocean

4. The Raghu Dixit Project

It is one of the Top Music Bands in India. The name behind the most exciting live concerts in the world. The project objective of the Raghu Dixit is visible, and that’s spreading happiness. It implies an interactive and dedicated show and a setlist of uplifting songs. Their performing record in more than 30 countries makes them an authentic and most engaging Indian rock band in the world. They are the most in-demand bands for corporate events.

Top Music Bands in India

5. Parikrama

One of the revolutionary Rock and Roll band of India. The founding members of the group – Subir Malik (synthesizer)Nitin Malik (lead vocals) and Sonam Sherpa (lead guitar) has sold their albums in free throughout their musical journey. Their fan base has enormous support for their valuable Music and contributions to the rock music. They have across the nations and widely appreciated. They bring magic to the moments.

Parikrama Band

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