10 Benefits of organising Virtual events.

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Benefits of virtual events
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Virtual Event

Virtual Event organising is made easy with hire4event where conference, seminar, product launch, exhibition is easily possible in very limited budget. Customers and clients experience will be for better than an offline event at less cost.

virtual event organiser in india
Virtual event organiser in India

How it works-

Virtual events may organise through any good video conferencing software or app/website. There is no limit of attendees and we have an additional option to broadcast the event/show at any social media platform like youtube, facebook, any websites or link. No fabrication setup required, No body needed to join the venue we will be there to handle everything. Any client, staff can give messages, present any presentation from anywhere around the world. We do Branding, Audio visual, advertisement and all branding and ad activities in virtual events. Nothing is impossible which can be done in offline events.
Best event company for virtual events
Best event company for virtual events

Platforms for virtual events-

There are many apps in the market which can be used as per audience comfort like zoom, webex, google meet etc. We have developed our own software which provides better experience and can be integrated in clients websites, or we can create a microsite as per requirement.
Best virtual event platform
Best virtual event platform

Benefits of organising virtual events-

1. Zero venues cost-

You may organise virtual events in your office conference room no need to hire a hotel banquet  so cost will be very less than offline events. Just require space for sitting the guest on stage and a camera setup with chroma.

2. Travelling cost savings-

Event cost saving
Event cost saving
Director, CEO, Chief guest do not require to join in office and no need to travel from any city to other cities. Office staff can join the event from their home. Virtual events can be done in working hours and can be live when all attendees will be free like after office time, Weekend, Holiday or Sunday. So No work disturbance will be there.

3. Zero Sound, light, stage, fabrication, branding costing –

There is no need of light, sound, stage and fabrication at the venue. Your office lighting is sufficient to do everything. These logistics will save a huge amount. Increase inventory of ad space, or you can play multiple ads on screen. Much faster implementation. Unlike print advertising, which has to be manually placed or even manually designed on a surface, layout designers can instantly upload their work to a display with a couple button presses.

4. Unmatched versatility: 

Brand promotion, advertisement
Brand promotion, advertisement
Displays can open up a new way of advertising anything that is only available for a short time. Reduced waste and operating tools. No need for paper waste and extra purchases.  Multi message display, Eco Friendly. You can change your marketing ads as many times as you want or need without increasing your carbon footprint. Make instant changes across all advertising locations.

5.Provide interactivity: 

Interactive content is ideal reducing perceived wait times and for linking a positive message with the brand. Reduced marketing overhead.

6.Entertainment and team building activities-

Entertainment Events
Everything is possible. You may ask our team for standup comedians, Live bands, Motivational speakers, Yoga trainer, Magician, etc. There is no need to travel artist from one city to another. So you do not have to pay the additional travel and stay charge for artist and crew. We have games and various activities to play online like team building activities, quiz competition etc. Business ideas discussion, presentation, Group discussion are easily possible herewith.

7. Invite your guest and speaker with No extra cost-

Any guest or speaker, client, sales teams, salesman, distributer can join the event and an invitation can be done without spending any amount.

8. Award ceremonies and product launch-

Award ceremonies and product launch is very easy to do in virtual events. Just need to put a chroma screen any branding, messages, AV, are easily possible.

9. Eco-friendly –

Virtual events are eco friendly because you do not require extra Genset power, Plastic flex waste, so it will help to reduce the pollution.


10. Join with family and friends-

Every employees can join with his friends and family while sitting at home, travelling, or doing anything.

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