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As event equipment rental company we provide DJ System,Laser light show organiser and on rent CO2 blast on hire,stage,octonorm LED wall pannel screen,gazeebo pagoda on rent marquees,german hanger and waterproof tent,metal barricades and mozo barricading ,x ray baggage scanner on rent in delhi ncr dfmd hhmd walke talkie JBL Speaker line arrey vtx vrx srx, portable washrroms on rent.event stage lights on hire basis.designer tent available with us for customization.

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Corporate Events & Award Ceremonies:
Corporate Events and Award Ceremonies could be large scale or small-time process. Corporate events and ceremonies help to strengthen and build the relationship of the business with the future and existing agency and client. For most of the businesses in the corporate sector, wasting the valuable staff and time with organizing the corporate event is not much cost-effective when the employees do not have any expertise or formal training. Corporate events could be informal or formal so it is necessary to plan the event accordingly. With outsourcing the corporate event, you are guaranteed with getting complete outcome successfully. Hire4Event offers the complete service for all the events or organizing or planning for corporate events in the industries. Corporate events need to have a lot of internal and social events for boosting the morale of employees and clients. Hire4Event Event Management Company offers the complete requirement for the industry to reach the success in the much efficient way.  Hire4Event are well versed in bringing complete on-time accomplishment with setting up all the events within the budget. Corporate Companies plan events helps you to easily develop the
  • Meetings
  • Corporate Trips
  • Annual Award Ceremonies
  • Conferences 
  • Corporate Parties
  • Events 
  • Product Launch
Event Planning:
For making the initial planning of the corporate meeting, Hire4Event ensures the client view, primary goal and thoughts of the event. Professionals would mainly work with the options of generating the profit and rewarding active members along key industry professionals. Outsourcing the corporate events would guarantee with the complete function for impressing the audience of saving more money. Planning team would discuss complete location to attract the audience. With the amazing themes, agenda, past event history along with the logistical needs, experts are ready to bring you the complete planning and executing the event accordingly. 
Event Monitoring:
Experts have the primary responsibility of complete tracking and monitoring of the events. In fact, the professionals would easily manage 
Whole registration
Making badges
Arranging food and beverage
Creating activities for children and spouse 
Fun events
Event Budgeting:
Corporate event planners would create a draft of the budget that includes expense projections and detailed income. When the client is approved for the project then it would be moved to the next level with the booking of venue, suppliers, and vendors.
Execution of the Event:
During the event, planners would monitor event to the whole and they are available at all the hours for handling all the problems. Corporate event planners would take care of the event happening successfully. Hire4Event efficiently creates the best tailored corporate Event solution with delivering the high extensive unforgettable event. Quality is the major concern of organizing the corporate event with the clients esteemed. Hire4event offers the complete on-time services within approved budget in the much efficient way.  Based on the requirements, the suggestion from clients, theme, and budget, the event will finally be executed with outlay. Professional skilled staffs would make the complete detailed information along with professional outlay and enable the complete corporate event. Hire4Event holds the versatile knowledge based on the respective domain and enables the best understanding of the clients. 
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hire4event.com is a new startup concept of Global Magic Consulting Private Limited for Online Event Equipment Rental Services, came into existence in 2012, to provide total event related services to the different types of Event Organizers in terms of event equipment and manpower. hire4event.com is a professionally managed and a very..

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