Daspalla Hotels

Top hotel at visakhapatnam Daspalla seven types of banquets in Daspalla SPLENDOR, SPANDANA, DARSHINI, VEDIKA, TRIVENI, NIVEDIKA, AMATYA, An exclusive party suite for private and special gatherings of up to 30 people. Splendor is attached to a spacious open-to-the-sky balcony A spacious open air marriage hall (kalyanamandapam), Spandana can be decorated to suit your personal décor preferences. With a capacity of up to 800 guests,Darshini is ideal for hosting get-togethers and office parties. With a seating capacity of 400 to 500 guests, Vedika can accommodate 300 to 500 guests and is ideal for weddings, receptions, conferences, and large gatherings.Each half can accommodate up to 100 people, or 200 if the partition is removed.Nivedika is the ideal function hall for hosting events for 75-100 people. Ample space for parking

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