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How to create special effects in events

Event industry is all about creativity and effects in india generaly bellow things used for special effects and theme creations. We are one of the top event management company in india which provides special equipment on rent in delhi ncr and north india.

1. Colorful balloons -
This is the most common thing which is used for social events like birthday party, new year evening, wedding, inaugurations, get to gathers etc. Balloons can be used to decorate anything like entry gate, Tables, ambiance, trees, stages, etc. Balloons are available easily anywhere and the main thing is costing is not too much high. So this is the best thing to decorate any occasion as its very easy to use it.
2. Create some Fog-
The fog machine is a good way to create effects at any musical event it looks very beautiful when colorful lights fall on fog its look like a rainbow. The fog machine is easily available to any light sound rental company at very fewer charges.
3. Use Dry ice fog machine-
Dry ice machine is very common in events which generate huge fog from dry ice without know side effects look like a cloud. The fog generated from fog machine will be stable for 10-15 minute and people can dance in it. 
4. Bubble Machine-
This is very easy to use the machine to create  bubble from washing powder or soap liquid usually use for kids event and tv shows to create effects.
5. Snow Machine to make your event cool-
Snowmachine create flakes with no freezing temperature but look like real snowfall. It is used for Christmas parties, new year evenings, birthday parties, winter parties etc.
6. Wind Machine-
This is simple high-speed fan controlled by dmx create wind effects can be used for special effects.
7.Project logo with Gobo-
Gobo projector is gobo light is old technology to project any message is the logo on any surface.
8. Projector with limitless use-
Now technology in the projector is very limitless as you can project anything at any dimension. The projector is used to display creative anywhere with any purpose like videos, images, presentations, creative display, efx etc.
9. Confetti blast- Confetti blast is most used technology for musical events and grand celebrations.This is a very simple technique which can be used easily. Normally we used gunpowder in a steel container with an electric shot to blast and its thoughts anything which is available in the container.
10.Co2 Gun-
Co2 gun is used to create special effects for any large scale event.Co2 cylinders are used to operate a co2 machine.
11.Cold Pyro-
Cold pyro is very popular these days for any Kind of events. It is basically a chemical cracker connected to an electric circuit which blows together when the electric flow starts in the circuit.
12. Led Wall-
This most used material in every event.LED wall is a panel of led light being used alike display screen available in any sizes.
13.Laser light-


Laser lights are the very high tech thing for event industry to create special effects. Now laser lights are usually used for any video or image which is being a project in the air any possible hights. This is used for the project any message anywhere without any object.

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Event solution and event production

We are provider of global event solution and have more than 5000 equipment bellow one roof. is worlds first online equipment rental service provider. Contact us for bellow segment for rental basis in delhi NCR, Agra, Lucknow Mathura, Jaipur, Chandigarh etc.
Academic Venues
Access Towers
Admission Control
Audio Visual
Band Hire
Buggy Hire
Card Payment Solutions
Catering Concessions
Catering Equipment Hire
Catering Management Software
Chair Hire
Conference Centres
Contract Cleaning
Corporate Entertainment
Corporate Events
Crowd Management
Data & Analytics
Dressing Room Furniture
Dry Hire
Entertainment Agencies
Equipment Hire
Event Branding
Event Management
Event Parking
Event Production
Event Registration
Event Technology
Exhibition Carpets
Exhibition Services
Exhibition Stand Build
Exhibition Stand Contractors
Exhibition Stands
Exhibition Stand Design
Festival Staging
Fire Safety Provision
First Aid
Freight Forwarding
Furniture Hire
Generator Hire
Health & Safety
Heating & Cooling
Ice Rinks
IT Solutions
Live Streaming
Marquee Hire
Medical Provision
Merchandising & Promotional Items
Mobile Exhibition Units
Mobile Staging
Plant Hire
Pole Tents
Pop Up Banners
Portable Buildings
Portable Display Stands
Portable Toilets
Power Distribution
Print Services
Production Companies
Project Management
Projection Mapping
Purpose Built Venues
Radio Hire
Risk Assessment
Roadshow Stages
Screen Hire
Sound & Lighting
Special Effects
Sporting Venues
Stage Scrims
Table Hire
Team Building
Temporary Structures
Tiered Seating
Traffic Management
Vehicle Hire
Venue Management Software
Video Production
Viewing Platforms
Visitor Registration
Waste Management
Waste Water Management

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Things To Take Care Of While Planning Alumni Meets

Things To Take Care Of While Planning Alumni Meets
How does it feel when you look at your old class photographs? You feel nostalgic, don't you? It is like taking a walk down the memory lane and reminiscing all the good times that you have had in your school or college days. It is friends with whom every problem became a little less worrisome, and it is the teachers because of whom we learned so many lessons. It is always great to meet or be in touch with those people with whom you used to have some of the best days of your life.
This year's academic year is coming to an end, and it is time for a super joyous alumni reunion! Some people love coming back to the campus, and cherish all the moments, at the very moment! It is a great way of reuniting with friends and teachers. However, an alumni reunion would not interest some people. However, it is great to have every person on the board, is it not? So to have everyone on board, here are some things that should be taken care of, while planning alumni meets.
1. Set up a goal and create a theme
The primary thing to do is, to set up a clear goal in mind. That also means, in denoting your key purpose of organizing this event. When we set up a goal for any event, the purpose becomes clearer, and it becomes easy to organize everything from A – Z, and manage it all accordingly. It helps you, and tells you in which direction you are moving to, and helps you to keep on planning, and focusing on the program. Once your goal is clear, create a theme for the event. When you create a theme for the event, your goal and purpose become clearer to those as well, who are supposed to attend the alumni reunion. For example, you could keep the theme called ‘memories.' Based on the theme, you could also keep a dress code, and tell others to carry some token of memory with them. If you have some photographs from the old gold days, then you can use them as well, to decorate the surroundings. This becomes appealing to everyone and makes people want to come and attend the reunion.
2. The event’s focus should be on the alumni
After school or college, everyone moves on with his or her life, in different directions. Some do some courses, some pursue further education, or some can even be married. Therefore, everyone takes time out of his or her busy schedule and travel all the way to attend this alumni meet. They deserve some special time, and take the effort of traveling, and adhering to the theme. Therefore, the focus should be on the alumni itself, and also on how the event can be made a grand success for them. You could invite some motivational and influential speakers. Alternatively, you could organize some games that would require the involvement of every alumnus. An entertainment function can also be organized for them; just like ones some of us saw had during the school farewell. 
3. Design your event for higher attendance
When you plan this alumni reunion, many people will not come; it could result in low attendance. Moreover, there could be some very common reasons for not attending the event. This could be the reasons like ‘no convenient timing,' ‘no one to take care of children,' ‘ traveling inconvenience,' and ‘fearing a social situation/ being nervous to meet everyone after a long time.' Jot these and many other similar reasons down, and find a way to make it difficult for the alumni to refuse the invitation. Design the event in such a way, that it would overcome all the excuses. For example, for the timing inconvenience, give an invitation to every alumnus, way ahead of time. This gives them plenty of time, to schedule the event accordingly. Give the location of the event, give vehicle parking options, and decide a location, that which would be easier for everyone to come and attend. Keep the timings as such, that the alumni can come when someone can take care of his or her children, for example during the school hours. Alternatively, make the event in such a way, that it would accommodate all the alumni's children and spouses as well.
4. Be creative about the program choices
Be creative, and bring in some variety to plan out the alumni event. Line up such programs that would target all age groups, and would interest every alumnus. Try finding out different styles of events, and also find out the types of programs and activities that interest and engage the audience the most. You could keep a luncheon for everyone. Organize some games or some musical performances.
5. Make use of social media
In today's date, social media makes everything easy and is the biggest factor to keep everyone in touch, and which keeps the network strong. Make use of Facebook event planner. This could notify the alumni in masses. Alternatively, create a Whatsapp group, which would make it convenient for everyone to know what is going on. You could also shoot up everyone with emails, and follow up with them from time to time, to know whom all are attending, and who all are yet to give confirmation.
These five things must be taken care of, when planning an alumni meet-up, for a successful event and higher attendance. 
To set up a date according to everyone’s convenience, keep following up with emails.

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Things to Take Care of While Planning a Marathon

Planning a marathon could be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for many people. It is truly a different experience altogether. However, it is not just the way it seems to be. A lot of effort and planning goes into making a marathon event successful and highly enjoyable for all the participants. Your runners might not know the work involved and efforts that you need to take, to make this event a successful one. Therefore, there are some tips, which could help you change the game of your marathon planning. If you are planning a marathon for the first time, then these steps will guide you, and will bring a shift in the level of your marathon! Let's go running with these tips.

1.   Create an online race registration form

Everything has become digital today. The world relies on technology, and relies on technology, and expects the technology to the most of the work. Instead of handing out registration forms, create an online registration form. This will make the task easier for you as a planner, and also for the participants as a runner. This online registration planning and the process does not only make everything easy, but it also increases the engagement and the rate of participation. Choose your online registration forms wisely. You could make use of Google forms. ‘Google forms' is a very functional and an easy form to fill out. You can mail out these forms, or you can even share them on Whatsapp. The easier it is to share the registration forms on social media platforms, the more visibility your marathon will get. Alternatively, else, when you are picking out a different online registration form provider, choose a design that has a simple check out process. The design should be such that the runners do not have to create an account of their own, and they can simply fill out the form and check out.

2.   Choose a good running location

Your running location should be something which is very easily accessible and within everyone's reach. You should organize it in such a location, where runners get some really good space to run, and the terrain is smooth and does not has any puddles or potholes. Depending on the size of your race, you must also see how many food stalls and water stalls can be accommodated nearby or along the race track. This is very important, as the runners will need hydration and they will also need to feed themselves in small intervals. Therefore, you need to look out for spaces to accommodate these stalls. Also, take prior permission for organizing the marathon on the chosen location. Events like these require prior permission; therefore keep in mind to ask for it, to avoid any last moment hassles.

3.   Choosing a good race course

Choosing a good race course is a very important aspect. Your race course should give a satisfying experience to your runners. Moreover, the race course plays a major role in giving such a unique experience to your runners. Therefore, the terrain determines a good race course. You must look after the path, where there are fine downhill, and if your marathon is a challenging one, then you could look for paths that have some gentle uphill too. Runners generally prefer a route that is flat or has a gentle downhill. Therefore, if you want more and more people to participant in your marathon, then you must go with what the majority would like to have. You must avoid keeping uphill and stick to flat and downhill routes. If you want to cut down on expenses, then you can avoid having long single way routes. As they also require transportation facilities and charges for the runners. Therefore you could set an out-and-back or a loop race course.

4.   Organize a fun run or a charity race

You could organize a run for fun, or a run for a charitable cause. Both of them partly have the same kind of effect and influence on the people. Run for fun has become famous in the recent time. Recently people have been giving much importance to health, and they find such once in awhile activities thrilling and extremely fun. Such marathons have become trending, and therefore you could expect participation in masses.

In the same way, run for charity also attracts people a lot. Run for a cause, makes people join the marathon, who would not have otherwise considered joining it. Also, if you decide on setting up a certain theme, then you must also keep in mind the expenses that come along with it. If you want to involve a charity, then you must approach many charities well in advance, as they can potentially help you in volunteering and promoting your event as well.

5.   Advertise your race wisely

The advertisement is a sector, which can boost up any organization, event or business. It is a very powerful area, and you could make some good use of it. Today social media has a big reach on the masses, and it increases your visibility in the crowd. Therefore, you could make good use of social media to advertise and promote your marathon. You could make banners of your marathon and stick them on the hoardings nearby the chosen marathon location. You could also make pamphlets and hand them out to a newspaper provider. Make sure to advertise your race on Instagram and Facebook as they have a global outreach.

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Event management takes a business meeting far beyond just the business. Even just not the business but every event that you want to host. In the last decade, there is a lot of growth seen in the event management companies. Event management companies provide you with the benefits like the smooth execution of the event, saving of the time and money, implementation of the creative ideas, increased satisfaction of the customers, execution from end to end, expert planning, post-event analysis, development of the business profiles and much more. Event management provides you with much more than just the successful organization of the event. So here is the list of top companies in Gurgaon, Noida, Delhi, and NCR that would provide you with the best event management services.

• Wizcraft International Entertainment Private Ltd. Delhi

Wizcraft’s head office is located at Mumbai, but the company’s Delhi office reach is no less. Wizcraft has hosted some brands’ event with successful completion. Wizcraft’s main focus stays on the communication and entertainment. Company’s designers act in a way that the brand’s motive communicates with the people. Surely it would kick up the brand’s business to the customers. With a good no. of global clients and sound experience in handling them, Wizcraft knows exactly how to merge the technology with the infrastructure.

• Fountainhead MKTG

Fountainhead MKTG is located in Delhi and provides with the best of PR, In stadia advertising, Rural marketing, in-film branding, intellectual properties, MICE, activation and other event planning and management services. The basic idea of the Fountainhead is to provide the brand with the cut through the clutter with the help of their blend of brilliant technology and art.

• DNA Entertainment Networks Pvt. Ltd.

Located in Gurgaon, the company has created its landmarks over organizing the live events in India. DNA is an international event management company based in India. The company knows how to combine the rush of the event into the logical and business efficiency to benefit the corporate partners. The excellence of the DNA relies on the three pillars as Innovation, Excellence, and Enterprise.

• Percept Entertainment

Servicing the entertainment industry over the years, Percept has organized some great events in this field. The company provides some innovative, 360 degree, exclusive services, and the products. With these exceptional and innovative services and products, Percept entertainment adds up the spice to the event. Servicing for over 20 years Percept Entertainment has organized some of the most memorable events in the country.


IMG is not just a company but an art of event management. With a long history of organizing the events and servicing the entertainment, the company believes in providing the best service to the partners corporate by taking care of the customers. The company’s intelligent designers know that how to make best out of the technology and the creativity. This blend not only gives birth to a flawless event but also leaves a deep impression on the viewer’s mind.

• Encompass

Located in Gurgaon, the company strongly reflects its ideas in its work. The company directly connects to the heart of the clients while organizing the events. With over years of passion and designing in the heart of the company, it provides unique experiences to its clients.

• Cineyug Entertainment Private Ltd.

Cineyug has a broad spectrum to cover in the Delhi region. The entertainment company covers all types of the events like Weddings, Live TV shows, Production of the Television software, Networking events, Brand Management, Award Functions, Arena events, live concerts and commercial movie production. With this much broad category in the event organizing, Cineyug stands away from the other event management companies. One of the company’s major strength is the management and organizing the live events. Not just this, the company has hosted and managed the events with over 2 million live audiences along with the 1 billion television views worldwide.

• Cox & Kings

The company has various centers located in the country with one present in Delhi. Cox & Kings excel in the art of event organizing and management. The company event organizing results in the satisfaction of the attendees and completion of the goal of the company. The company organizes the Product launches, seminars, meets, business, conferences and lot more. From the logo designing to reviews and reports everything is perfectly done.

Global Magic Consulting

Located in Noida, the company just not manages the events but delivers sheer performance and excellence in it. With excellence in organizing events like concerts, formal parties, ceremonies, conferences, and festivals, the company has been providing the service for 5 years. Not just this the company has a deep strategy in selecting the venue location, handling the permission issues, taking the perfect event decisions, cost management and handling the manpower issues. The company has taken the brand promotions, exhibitions, and the event management to a whole new level.

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