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As event equipment rental company we provide DJ System,Laser light show organiser and on rent CO2 blast on hire,stage,octonorm LED wall pannel screen,gazeebo pagoda on rent marquees,german hanger and waterproof tent,metal barricades and mozo barricading ,x ray baggage scanner on rent in delhi ncr dfmd hhmd walke talkie JBL Speaker line arrey vtx vrx srx, portable washrroms on rent.event stage lights on hire basis.designer tent available with us for customization.

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Best Ideas to promote an Event

1.Blogging at event websites
There are lots of event news and event marketing websites in India good traffic even as they promote events to the right audience.You can share videos, creatives, offers, news, strategies etc. Daily blogging is best to promote an event and spread the right conversation.

2.Free Goodies distribution-
Free foodies and gadgets distribution at right audience place is also a better idea to promote any event. You can create a hike in a market while distributing free gadgets like wristbands, T-Shirts, Caps, Creative posters, keychains, and free gifts to commercial places.

3.Videos and Creatives
Videos and creative marketing is full proof idea to promote events. Post daily videos and photo with right information like ticket selling location and links.  

4.Create a newsletter
Send emailers and bulk SMS to best ticket buyers on regular basis. Audience totally depends upon the type of event and artist. You have to target right age group according to the artist.

5. Regular youtube videos
85% web traffic comes from videos and youtube is the best place for videos. You can post regular videos on youtube with right keywords and tags.

6. FM Radio marketing
FM Radio advertisement is a good idea to advertise your shoes and can distribute free passes to people while playing the quiz and offers like buy one get one ticket free. Can create a rumor in the audience.

7.Bulk emails-
Bulk emails to data of age group and fans of the artist. Even you can target companies and institution database.

8. Paid advertisements and content marketing
Newspaper and paid Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn is the cheapest way for paid promotion best part is you can select right audience interface.

9. Invest in professional photography
While creating a series of event you must have to be serious on photography and videography that will give right information while posting anywhere. Photos and video are most realistic things to show you audience for future marketing and advertisements.

10. Ground marketing
Posters and hoardings are the very good option to advertise about any event but the selection of aria and timing must be right.

11. Involving corporate houses
Offers can be created as corporate booking or can create an offer for any big corporate house to create hike and rumor to grab audience which will give you mouth marketing throughout the audience

12. Celebrity endorsement
Endorse a celebrity according to fan following even invite any celebrity in the event and spread a message that lucky audience will get chance to meet that celebrity.

13. Data Collection and conversation with right people
Collect the database of RWA, companies employes, Adventure lovers, Travellers, students, etc to connect them through bulk emails and SMS.

14. Post stories on social media
Post daily stories of events like about you artist, Acts, Facilities, inside Events, about foods, Accommodation, transports, drinks, adventure activities etc.

15. Daily updates
Daily progress and news must be updated on daily basis over social media and blogging sites.

16. market research and strategies
Do market research and make strategies according to audience overlap. try to deliver what people will love to do like bungee jumping, shooting, selfie, free drinks, VIP exposure etc.
17. Offer on ticket sales
Create offers on early bird ticket sales to grab the initial audience.

18. Visit similar events
The organizer must have to visit similar events and can learn a lot of things to do.

19. Invitation to social activists
Invite people who are famous in the same age group as the sports person, singers, local celebrities etc.

20.Selection of right ticketing agency
There are some good ticketing agencies in India like Bookmyshow, Paytm, events now,, Kyazoonga, etc. Even you can select multiple event ticketing agencies also. you can get the right database from them also.

21.Digital and social media marketing
Digital marketing is the best way to promote any event so you must have to invest in that with the team of experienced digital marketing agencies,

22.BTL and ATL
Bellow, the line, and newspaper and tv advertisement are good for large-scale events.

23.Media sponsorship
Associate different media houses can sponsor your event on batter system. Utilize their advertisement plan to promote any event.

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Virtual Product Launch

What new technology does is to create new opportunities to do a job that customers want to be done". This is for what we work today "Customers".
As they say, no door will be opened until you knock, so here we are knocking at your door to support your vision of "vision of the company".
How we do it?
· that can make the life easy for both customers and the suppliers of products and services.
·       We are experts in:
o   Augmented Reality
o   Virtual Reality
o   Mixed Reality.
With each passing year, technology continues to propel the events industry to new heights. Among the event trends that continue to shape the space, virtual and augmented reality have become key catalysts for innovation.
As the use cases and accessibility of this technology continue to expand, we should expect to see VR and AR make an even larger impact in the years to come. This mail is to help you understand the recent developments of this technology and how it has already influenced the event space. But before taking a leap to the use cases lets first understand the challenges event organizer face.
·       Increasing the foot-fall.
·       Making the customers choose the right venue
·       Making the event Memorable
·       Innovative ideas in every other event
·       Engagement of the guests and customers
·       Showcasing the product of other companies in an attractive way.
·       Why not give your customer a live experience of the celebration though Augmented & Virtual Reality? Instead of explaining everything verbally or through pictures.
·       Make your guests experience a whole new environment through AR/VR.

·       Track the no. of guests & their authenticity without a manpower requirement.
·       Give them something remembered even after the event is over. Give them a 360-degree VR shoot of the events.
·       Increase your customers and guests involvement & engagement.
Product Offering:
·       Virtual Venues:
Investing a large portion of your budget on an event venue, speakers, lodging, miscellaneous logistics and more. Why not create a truly virtual event in which your customer could experience itself in some other environment?

·       Virtual Attendance:
Some of the important guests are not able to attend the event?
Make them feel live in the event virtually.
·       Experience Product & Spaces:
Venue spaces for trade shows fall less? Is there a less space to showcase n no. of products?
Accommodate virtually different Products and make your customers experience every product in your gallery.
·       Immersive Experience at Events:
Studies reveal that 48% of the people are more likely to purchase a product if they could experience or try that product personally. So, many companies rely on the event and experimental marketing is critical for organizations.
·Augmented Reality Screens:
Make them feel some new elements in their own environment.

      ·       The virtual Journeys:
Make them experience a whole new environment.

·       Amazing event teasers:
Make the attractive advertisement teasers.

·       The 360° Photography of the events.
·       Take them to a whole new environment where they could experience & explore new things:
·       Create a brand of Innovation
·       Drive More Event traffic through AR VR
·       Attract Sponsors for the event by showing an eye-catching technology
·       Market & Showcase the product of companies in a most cost-effective way
·       Repeat, Satisfied & happy customers
·       A fantastic word of mouth

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Event gifting and corporate event solution

We are India's first online event solution company and equipment rental portal which is committed to providing best event solution. Deals in MICE, Corporate event solution, to top corporate houses and even event companies also. We are event house providing Fabrication and Technical services to Event companies. Having a local presence in Delhi, Lucknow, Goa Banglore, Kolkata, Siliguri, Patna, Bhubaneshwar and Guwahati we operate pan India.

We strive to be one of the most reliable and creative event production house delivering high standard quality and value for money services to our clients.

We work in close partnership with our clients to offer service that sets new standard in Event Management.

Looking forward to hear from you and get an oppurtunity to associate with (TOP EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY) through our production services.
Specialties :
Conference & Seminar, Product launch, MICE, Stall Fabrication, Mall Activation, Outdoor Events, Dealer's Meet, Canter & Roadshows etc.
We have super team to rovide service in field of corporate gifting, entertainment, DJ, Bands, artist management and audiovisual rental. We are one stop solution for any type of event.


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Event fabrication and printing companies in Delhi Ncr

Event fabrication and printing are most importent of any event we are best in it having own workshop in Greater Noida industrial area. With in-house printing and framing, we deal in customized branding and theme creation for any kind of events. We are the largest player in modular exhibition stall and stall creation as per client requirements. Hire4event have a very good stage and technical setup with a complete solution in light sound and conferencing setups. Our team is specialized in the various type of printing.
We are engaged in supplying Paper Bags / Boxes / Bespoke Stationary / Catalogs / Brochures etc to MNC Companies, event agencies, Hotels, Fashion Designers and Retail Chain Stores in India and abroad.
With expertise and experience of more than 15 years in the printing arena, we are one of the pioneers. Impeccable quality and time-line delivery are the topmost features of our company.
Do let us know if we can work with your company to serve your clients better for the above-mentioned services.
Choose from our specialty services
Side Panel-We makes best-customized side panel as per client requirement according to the backdrop.
Backdrop-We have thousand of option for backdrop design. We create 3D image before design as per client requirement where you can choose the best option from thousand design.
Standees- Standees are the most important thing to create event content and branding which are our specifiability to create the best branding.
LED wall framing-We have very experienced carpenters for creating neet and clean backdrop creation .we make best-led wall frames for corporate events and exhibition.
Theme Creation-With the team of 50 people has own design team which is from top event agencies have experienced more than 20 years in the same industry. We play best with theme creation for any event.
Flex printing-With own printing machinery we have our in-house design team who are expert to create designs as per requirement.



OFFICE STATIONERY (Monogrammed, Laser Cut, Leaf printed/embossed/UV etc)

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Security System and crowd management for Events

We are one of the top event security service provider for event and entertainment industry for every type of event like sports, concerts, exhibition and big level conferences etc. We provide both services like

1.Security Manpower
2.Security equipment

At hire4event We feel pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the growing organizations to serve in Security field. We have a bunch of professionals rolling things in the right direction. We are widely trusted and created a niche in our sphere of business. We are efficient in offering the best Security and IT Services.

We are committed to supply high quality products, tailor made to suit the diverse needs of the Customers. We are a market Savoy organization and understand the pulse of the market. We believe in unique work culture devoted to customer’s delight.            
 We Provide Following Services:-
CCTV Surveillance System with DVRs,
Access Control System (Biometric / Proximity),
 Attendance Machine,
ID Card with photograph
Fire Alarm System, Burglar Alarm System
Digital Electronics Safe,
Currency Counting Machine,
Paper Shredder,
Video Door Phone,  
Auto Gates &Barriers,
Metal Detector,
Door Frame Metal Detector,
Turnstile Gate,
Flap Barrier Gate,
Hotel Door Lock,

Our products are not only easy to install but practically Maintenance free and allows smooth and trouble free operations. Assuring you the best possible Services.
 We are biggest player in field of barricading and crowd management equipment in Delhi Ncr.
We provide bellow equipments also-
1.Mozo Barricading
2.Cycle Barricading
3.Traffic cones
4.Water filled road barriers on rent
5.L Type New Jersey Road Barrier
6.Drones for security surveillance
7.Rapid Barriers


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