13 Best Event promotion and marketing ideas

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Event branding in india
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Discover effective event promotion ideas and learn how to successfully promote your events. Explore creative strategies to boost attendance and engagement.

1. Signages and hoardings for local event promotion:

This is the best idea to promote any event locally, as this is an easier way to promote any brand locally.

2. Unipole branding and commercial hoarding at populated places

In brand promotion, commercial hoardings and uni-pole branding are the most effective way to promote an event with complete information as per size.

3. LED Display:

LED displays are the latest version of uni-poles and back-lit branding at commercial places like malls, shopping complexes, Airports, Railway stations, highways, etc. It is a costly method so the placement of a led board must be good.

4. Mobile LED Display

LED wall mounting on a vehicle is very popular nowadays, as it can be done anywhere according to time. For the event, we can change advertisement according to location.

5. Electronic media and Electronic Signage

Electronic media is the most effective and costly way to promote any brand or event. TV and cinema advertisement are the best way to promote big brands. This advertisement creates brand value for products.

6. Flex

Local promotion and marketing in the cheapest way.

7. LED display panels

This is the way to promote brands inside malls, cinemas, and shops. Even this can be used for product display inside shops and public places.

8. Canopy marketing and flyer distribution

Canopies at a public place to promote any program and social events in public places are a good option for promoting educational programs, property sales, business plans, etc.

9. Touchscreen and kiosk advertisements

This is the technical way of making canopies. You can offer your services and generate leads through the led touch screen. This technology is man-less counter to answer public queries.

10. Back-lit boards

back-lit banner is good to promote any brand 24 hours a day at any location.

11.Wall branding-

Wall branding is the most traditional way to promote; this is best for rural areas.

12. Transport Vehicle and Railway Branding:

Branding on commercial vehicles,Trains, Metro rail, etc is a very effective way to promote digital branding-
Promotion is social media, and ad-words are the latest way to promote any events, and brands are the easiest way to promote. 75% of consumers are available on the internet so its best way to promote anything online.

13. Emailers and SMS:

Making phone calls for everyone is not possible, so this is a good way to promote any event and brands through emails and SMS.