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What new technology does is to create new opportunities to do a job that customers want to be done”. This is for what we work today for “Customers”.

What is virtual product launch-

“Launch of a product before its physical presence is called virtual product launch

As they say, no door will be opened until you knock, so here we are knocking at your door to support your vision of “vision of the company”.

How we do it?

Hire4event can make the life easy for both customers and the suppliers of products and services.

We are experts in:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Mixed Reality.

With each passing year, technology continues to propel the events industry to new heights. Among the event trends that continue to shape the space, virtual and augmented reality have become key catalysts for innovation.

As the use cases and accessibility of this technology continue to expand, we should expect to see VR and AR make an even larger impact in the years to come. This mail is to help you understand the recent developments of this technology and how it has already influenced the event space. But before taking a leap to the use cases lets first understand the challenges event organizer face.


  • Increasing the foot-fall.
  • Making the customers choose the right venue
  • Making the event Memorable
  • Innovative ideas in every other event
  • Engagement of the guests and customers
  • Showcasing the product of other companies in an attractive way.


  • Why not give your customer a live experience of the celebration though Augmented & Virtual Reality? Instead of explaining everything verbally or through pictures.
  • Make your guests experience a whole new environment through AR/VR.
  • Track the no. of guests & their authenticity without a manpower requirement.
  • Give them something remembered even after the event is over. Give them a 360-degree VR shoot of the events.
  • Increase your customers and guests involvement & engagement.

Product Offering:

Investing a large portion of your budget on an event venue, speakers, lodging, miscellaneous logistics and more. Why not create a truly virtual event in which your customer could experience itself in some other environment?

  • Virtual Attendance: Some of the important guests are not able to attend the event? Make them feel live in the event virtually.
  • Experience Product & Spaces:

Venue spaces for trade shows fall less? Is there a less space to showcase n no. of products?

Accommodate virtually different Products and make your customers experience every product in your gallery.

  • Immersive Experience at Events:

Studies reveal that 48% of the people are more likely to purchase a product if they could experience or try that product personally. So, many companies rely on the event and experimental marketing is critical for organizations.

  • Augmented Reality Screens:

Make them feel some new elements in their own environment.

  • The virtual Journeys:

Make them experience a whole new environment.

  • Amazing event teasers:

Make the attractive advertisement teasers.

  • The 360° Photography of the events.
  • Take them to a whole new environment where they could experience & explore new things:


1.Create a brand of Innovation

2.Drive More Event traffic through AR VR

3.Attract Sponsors for the event by showing an eye-catching technology

4.Market & Showcase the product of companies in a most cost-effective way

5.Repeat, Satisfied & happy customers

6.A fantastic word of mouth

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