Why Booking an Artist and Singer, Band, DJ, Dance troupe for Wedding in Delhi NCR is a Must?

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Book artist for wedding and Events
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Unlock the Spotlight: A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Book the Perfect Artist and Singer for Your Event

Hire4Event is an online artist booking platform that provides services to book artists, singers, bands, DJs, and dance troupes for weddings in Delhi, NCR.  Are you getting married this year? Surely you don’t want to make your biggest day boring for guests.

So for making your evening a special one, book artist and singers who bring in harmonious and sweet surroundings shall be a great idea. For extra entertainment, you can also go for booking various kinds of artists like dancers, magicians, comedians, jokers, and others, to make their evening great.

Book Singer for Wedding
Singer for wedding In Delhi, Bangalore, and Jaipur

These artists and singers play an important role in making the wedding a success. weddings of the 21st century are incomplete without them. It just likes guests’ meetings formally and gossiping about their lives. It has become a trend to book various singers and artists to perform at weddings for entertainment purposes.

You will be satisfied if the artists and singers hired by you have done their job well. But how do hire wedding singers and artists, How do approach them? In this blog, we will look at some tips to book a wedding singer and artist in Delhi, NCR.

Book artist online –

Delhi, the most popular city and capital of India, holds many rich cultures within itself. Many famous singers and artists live there or have their hometowns there. If you are marrying in Delhi NCR and want to call singers and artists to perform at your wedding, you may find thousands of varieties.

There are many famous management companies and bands that send various singers and artists to perform at the wedding. It’s a tough choice to make amongst them, as they are all the best at their work. The tips are given below, which will help you book your artists and singers.

Singers for liver performances in Wedding
Book Singers for wedding entertainment

Book them through an Artist management company

To book various singers and artists to perform at your wedding, first make a list of singers and artists you would like to have on your special day. Then search for them to see whether they are available in Delhi NCR or not. And if they are available, they must be in contact with some agent or management company that manages their events.

Contact them and fix your booking with your singers and artists for your wedding. Booking through them will make your event run smoothly and properly. You don’t have to take on any burden after booking with them. They will handle all your things, starting from booking to proper management and all.

Book artist for Lady Sangeet and Ring ceremony
Book Singers online for lady Sangeet and ring ceremony

Negotiate  fee –

Whenever you are booking the artists and singers through agents or management companies, make sure that on the first meeting don’t tell your budget; even when they ask for your budget, tell them to show their quote. This is because if your budget is not much, then they can take their commission; they will directly say no.

Or if your budget is much higher than their expectation, they will even take more than the artist or singer’s worth. This can either book them at the price they are asking or let them go. In both cases, the loss will be yours only.

Book Singer for Haldi, Mehandi and lady Sangeet
Book Singer for Haldi, Mehandi and lady Sangeet

Send a contract –

After getting all things booked, make sure to make a contract with your signature on it. The contract doesn’t need to look good or amazing; it just needs to have some important details. If you don’t mention your relevant or key details or requirements, it might be an advantage to the artists to deny something at the last moment, or may also incur extra charges.

Hire4event is a company which helps book artists, singers, bands, DJs, and dance troupes for Wedding in Delhi, NCR, It has a team of professionals who help in signing contract.

  • date and time of the performance of the singer and artist booked by you. It also needs to have a duration of performance.
  • Make sure to mention the rate at which you have booked the singer or artist in Delhi, NCR. It is also mandatory to mention transportation, housing, food, and drink cost.
  • A subject which contains information about the cancellation terms by the artists or singers.


Book Singers and Artist for Bride and Groom Entry
Book Singers and Artists for Bride and Groom Entry

Send them advance

After fixing the things given above, it’s now time to send them the advance. You need to send the advance to the management company and the artists and singers of Delhi, NCR. The advance should include all the things like the costume of the artists, sound systems and microphones for singers, accommodation costs (If they will stay at your venue for a day or so), transportation costs, meal costs, etc.

Other things to consider:

Booking an artist and singer for a wedding in Delhi, NCR, can be a tough task, but if you are doing it with a management company or through an agent, it becomes easy. They tend to be very quick and punctual at their work and commitments. But there are still some things which need to be taken into consideration

  • The big and famous singer and artist you choose to perform at your wedding will have more preparation work to do for them. Some artists also have some riders, managers or personal assistants who will look into the whole contract.
  • There are many singers and artists in Delhi, NCR who have many rules related to videography and photography. It’s important to look at them very carefully to avoid any last-minute issues.
Best artist booking agency
best artist booking agency in Delhi, NCR

Book cover band, background musician, and other:

If you are not willing to book artists and singers from agent or management companies, there are many other options available in Delhi, NCR, You can choose to book your artists and singers from the band or background musicians. You can pitch or book them through their social handles or emails directly, and can fix your performance.

Weddings are fun but with these wonderful artists and singers, your wedding can become much more fun than you thought. If you plan everything beforehand and follow the simple tips given, it will never be too expensive. This will add a royal touch to your wedding. Your guests will also not be bored and enjoy your wedding day with you. Booking wedding singers and artists to perform at your wedding is very common amongst people across the world.

Benefits of Booking Artist, Singer, Band, DJ, Dance troupe for Wedding function in Delhi, NCR:

When it comes to planning a wedding, every couple wants their special day to be filled with enchantment and unforgettable moments. One surefire way to create an enchanting ambiance is by booking a talented singer or artist. In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons why booking a singer or artist for your wedding is an absolute must.

From setting the mood to creating lasting memories, their melodic magic adds an extra touch of elegance and emotion to your celebration. We have 10,000 artist listed with us You can Book any artist, Band, DJ, Dance troupe for Wedding in Delhi, NCR, from any corner of world.

1. Setting the Perfect Mood:

Imagine walking down the aisle with the gentle melodies of a live singer serenading you. The right song can evoke powerful emotions and set the perfect mood for your wedding ceremony. Whether it’s a heartfelt ballad or an upbeat love song, a live performance creates an intimate and personalized atmosphere that recorded music simply can’t replicate.

2. Adding Elegance and Charm:

Live singers and artists have a unique ability to add a touch of elegance and charm to your wedding reception. Their captivating presence and talent can transform an ordinary gathering into an extraordinary experience. With their melodious voices and artistic flair, they create an ambiance that captivates your guests, making your wedding an event to remember.

3. Creating lasting memories:

One of the most cherished aspects of any wedding is the creation of lasting memories. Hiring a professional singer or artist ensures that your wedding day will be etched in the hearts of your guests. Whether it’s the first dance or a surprise performance, these talented individuals have the power to create magical moments that will be talked about for years to come.

The memories of their enchanting performances will forever be associated with your special day.

4. Personalized Touch:

Every couple wants their wedding to reflect their unique personalities and love stories. Booking a singer or artist allows you to incorporate your personal touch into the musical experience. They can perform your favorite songs, tailor their performances to match your wedding theme, and even learn new songs that hold a special meaning for you as a couple. This level of personalization adds depth and sentiment to your celebration, making it truly unforgettable.

4. Entertainment for All:

A live singer or artist offers entertainment that appeals to guests of all ages. From classic love songs to current chart-toppers, their versatile repertoire can cater to different musical tastes. They can engage and interact with your guests, creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration. Whether it’s a romantic ballad for the couples or an energetic performance that gets everyone on the dance floor, they ensure that everyone has a memorable time.


Booking a singer or artist for your wedding is an investment in creating a truly magical and memorable experience. From setting the mood to adding elegance and charm, their melodic performances leave a lasting impact on both you and your guests. So, allow the melodic magic to work its magic and transform your wedding day into a unique celebration of love, all while listening to the entrancing melodies of a talented singer or artist.