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Stage entertainment for live show
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Book artist for corporate event with hire4event is very easy. Best Artist for corporate event are available at best price with us. Looking to book artists for your upcoming corporate event in Delhi, Noida, or Gurgoan? Look no further! We offer a wide selection of talented artists who can bring entertainment and excitement to your event. Whether you need a musician, dancer, magician, or any other type of performer, we have the perfect artist to suit your needs.

With our extensive network of artists and performers, we can help you find the ideal talent that aligns with the theme and atmosphere of your corporate event. Our artists are experienced professionals who can captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.

When you book an artist through us, you can expect a seamless and hassle-free experience. We understand the importance of a successful corporate event and strive to provide exceptional service from start to finish. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that your entertainment needs are met and that the artist’s performance exceeds your expectations.

Booking an artist for your corporate event with Hire4Event is a breeze. We make it simple and convenient to find the best artists for your specific needs, all at competitive prices. Whether you’re looking for musicians, dancers, magicians, or any other type of performer, we have a wide range of talented artists ready to make your event a resounding success.

“Book Artist for Corporate Event: Discover the Best Artists for an Unforgettable Experience”

With our extensive network of artists, we ensure that only the finest talent is available for your corporate event. We understand the importance of creating an unforgettable experience for your guests, and our artists are guaranteed to deliver exceptional performances that leave a lasting impression.

At Hire4Event, we prioritize customer satisfaction, which is why we offer the best artists at the best prices. We believe that quality entertainment shouldn’t break the bank, and our affordable rates reflect our commitment to providing outstanding value for your investment.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to entertainment for your corporate event. Trust Hire4Event to connect you with top-tier artists who will elevate your event to new heights. Contact us today to book the perfect artist for your corporate event and experience the difference of working with industry professionals.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your corporate event with the perfect artist. Contact us today to book an artist for your corporate event in Delhi, Noida, or Gurgoan. Our team is ready to assist you and make your event a memorable one.

Book Artist for corporate event to make it memorable for employees is now now very easy with us. is a Greater Noida based Event Rental and Artist Management agency. Delivering creative event and brand experiences, and unlocking a little magic along the way!

We are one of the leading event management and Artist Booking Companies in India. provides you the online platform to book excellent and talented artists. And rising talent can register themselves for free on our portal to get direct leads. We have more than 7 years of experience in the field of event management. Our service is reliable and extraordinary. We believe in working as a team. Our artists never feel left out and are enabled to realize their worth. Located in Greater Noida, we cover events in all the Delhi NCR and have held events in all parts of the country, including Mumbai, Goa, Jaipur, Bangalore, Chhattisgarh, among others.

Our Services in under Artist Management

We accommodate International Artists of all types- singers (folk, classical, western, etc.), dancers, show artists, Russian Band, Belly Dancers, group dancers, act performers, Magicians, Stand up Comedians among others. Our services are tailored and extremely professional. Book artist for corporate event and get a dedicated support in artist travelling, accommodation, hospitality, event production like light sound tech-rider etc. We are rapidly growing and becoming an all-inclusive, top of the line company with a history of working with international artists. Our team is always available 24*7. We have been involved in fulfilling the demands of clients with the aid of well planned and executed services. Our clientele is huge and encompasses all kinds of performers.

Book artist for corporate event
Book artist for corporate event

Our artists know their worth. They understand that premium quality is a requisite to good work. Other than providing events to perform, we also provide a host of other services. We aim aft providing artists, Celebrity Management and coordination Services across the globe for shows according to the client’s desire and budget and execute in the best possible manner. Book artist for corporate event with Top-notch services are guaranteed along with a great feedback mechanism. In other words, you will never be disappointed with what you get for your money!

We are the path you need to ensure future success. We can help you achieve your dreams. It is very difficult to get good clients on your own. It is very difficult to meet all the representatives of various departments and arrange everything on your own. This is where we come to your rescue. We take care of everything in a very professional way and charge reasonable rates for the same. We have a good line up of Artists and Celebrities who have joined hands with us and who truly support us with their best Enthusiasm. Having handled talented and versatile artists for years, we know great talent when we see one! Come be a part of this journey as we overcome all barriers to eventual success.

Book Artists for corporate event

Book any of below artist on Hire4event. 

  • Russian Belly Dancer: Gracefully captivating with mesmerizing movements and vibrant costumes, the Russian Belly Dancer brings an exotic flair to any event.
  • Carnival Dancers: Bursting with energy and vibrant costumes, the Carnival Dancers deliver a dynamic and lively performance that will transport you to the festive streets of Brazil.
  • Tanoura Dancers: Spinning in traditional Egyptian style, the Tanoura Dancers create a mesmerizing whirlwind of colorful skirts and captivating music, captivating audiences with their Sufi-inspired performance.
  • LED Wing Dancers: With their illuminated wings gracefully dancing through the darkness, the LED Wing Dancers create a mesmerizing spectacle of light, adding a futuristic and magical touch to any event.
  • Fire Dancers: Mastering the art of fire manipulation, the Fire Dancers captivate audiences with their daring stunts, choreographed routines, and the mesmerizing glow of flames.
  • Russian Mujra Dancers: Combining the elegance of classical Indian dance with a Russian touch, the Russian Mujra Dancers deliver a captivating performance filled with graceful movements, expressive storytelling, and rich cultural fusion.
  • Pole Dancers: Demonstrating incredible strength, flexibility, and artistry, the Pole Dancers mesmerize audiences with their gravity-defying tricks, spins, and fluid movements, adding a touch of athleticism and sensuality to their performances.
  • Flute Mermaid: Enchanting the audience with her melodic tunes and ethereal beauty, the Flute Mermaid effortlessly blends music and myth, creating an enchanting and unforgettable experience.
  • Martini Girl: Combining glamour and entertainment, the Martini Girl adds a touch of elegance to any event, serving delicious drinks with a charming smile and a dash of showmanship.
  • Champagne Chandelier: Elevating the concept of cocktail service, the Champagne Chandelier performer becomes a living centerpiece, pouring glasses of bubbly from an exquisitely designed chandelier, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to any gathering.
  • Speed O Chef: With lightning-fast culinary skills and a flair for showmanship, the Speed O Chef dazzles the audience as they skillfully prepare delectable dishes in record time, adding a dash of excitement and gourmet entertainment.
  • Russian Bartenders: Combining flair bartending with a touch of Russian charm, the Russian Bartenders expertly juggle bottles, perform intricate tricks, and create exquisite cocktails, serving up a memorable experience alongside delicious drinks.
  • Event Hostess: The Event Hostess exudes grace and charisma, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience for guests by warmly welcoming them, guiding the event proceedings, and adding an air of elegance to any occasion.
  • Foreign Models: With their striking looks and international allure, the Foreign Models bring a touch of glamour and sophistication to fashion shows, product launches, and promotional events, captivating audiences with their runway presence.
  • Table Hostess: The Table Hostess elevates the dining experience, attending to guests’ needs with poise and charm, ensuring impeccable service, and creating an inviting atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression.
  • International Cheerleaders: Bursting with energy and infectious enthusiasm, the International Cheerleaders rally the crowd, performing synchronized routines and engaging spectators with their spirited cheers, adding a dynamic and lively element to sporting events and performances.
  • Item Performer: The Item Performer showcases their unique talent, whether it be juggling, acrobatics, or a specialty act, captivating audiences with their skillful display and leaving them in awe of their extraordinary abilities.
  • Russian Dhol Player: Infusing traditional Russian music with the thunderous beats of the dhol drum, the Russian Dhol Player creates an energetic and rhythmic performance that brings a fusion of cultures to life through music.
  • Symphony Band: With a harmonious blend of orchestral instruments, the Symphony Band delivers a breathtaking performance, evoking powerful emotions and captivating audiences with their majestic sound and musical expertise.
  • Trio Violin Band: The Trio Violin Band showcases their virtuosity on the violin, enchanting listeners with their melodious compositions and harmonious interplay, creating an immersive and captivating musical experience.
  • Violin Player: With their graceful bowing and soulful melodies, the Violin Player enchants audiences, evoking a range of emotions and creating a captivating musical experience.
  • Saxophone Artist: The Saxophone Artist takes center stage with their smooth and soulful tunes, infusing each performance with a touch of jazz, blues, or contemporary flair, captivating listeners with their expressive and melodic playing.
  • Accordion Band: The lively and vibrant sounds of the Accordion Band transport audiences to the streets of Europe, delivering energetic and foot-tapping performances that showcase the versatility and charm of this beloved instrument.
  • Loud Street Band: Injecting energy and excitement into any event, the Loud Street Band delivers high-energy performances with their infectious beats, dynamic rhythms, and electrifying stage presence, ensuring a memorable and lively atmosphere.
  • Latin Americana Band: Combining Latin rhythms with a touch of Americana, this band brings a fusion of cultural influences to life, delivering vibrant and energetic performances that get audiences dancing and grooving to their infectious beats.
  • Harp Player: The Harp Player creates an enchanting ambiance with the ethereal and delicate sounds of this classical instrument, adding a touch of elegance and tranquility to any event.
  • Cello Player: With its deep and resonant tones, the Cello Player captivates listeners with rich and emotive performances, showcasing the expressive range and versatility of this beloved instrument.
  • Piano Artist: The Piano Artist commands the keys, delivering captivating performances that range from delicate and intimate melodies to dramatic and powerful compositions, mesmerizing audiences with their mastery of this iconic instrument.
  • Guitar Player: With their nimble fingers and rhythmic strumming, the Guitar Player delivers soulful and melodic performances, evoking a range of emotions and showcasing the versatility of this beloved instrument.
  • African Acrobats: The African Acrobats combine athleticism, agility, and vibrant cultural elements in their breathtaking performances, dazzling audiences with their gravity-defying stunts, captivating choreography, and infectious energy.
  • Quick Change Act: The Quick Change Act leaves audiences spellbound as performers seamlessly transform their costumes in a blink of an eye, creating a whirlwind of dazzling fashion and captivating illusions.
  • Live Human Fountain: The Live Human Fountain mesmerizes spectators as they embody a living work of art, elegantly posing and spouting water in a mesmerizing display of beauty and grace.
  • Mandolin Player: With nimble fingers dancing across the strings, the Mandolin Player enchants listeners with their melodious tunes, bringing the distinctive sounds of this folk instrument to life.
  • Mouth Organ: The Mouth Organ player breathes life into every melody, skillfully coaxing out soulful and vibrant tunes from this versatile instrument, captivating audiences with their musical prowess.
  • Bagpiper Band: The stirring sound of the Bagpiper Band fills the air with a sense of pride and tradition, evoking the spirit of Scotland and adding a touch of grandeur to any occasion.
  • Orchestra Band: The Orchestra Band delivers a symphony of harmonious sounds, blending various instruments to create a powerful and captivating musical performance that resonates with the audience.
  • Sand Artist: With deft hands and a canvas of sand, the Sand Artist tells mesmerizing stories, creating intricate and evocative images that unfold before the audience’s eyes, leaving a lasting impression.
  • Magicians: The Magicians weave illusions and mystique, captivating audiences with their sleight of hand, mind-boggling tricks, and the art of making the impossible seem real, leaving spectators in awe.
  • LED Tron Act: The LED Tron Act merges technology and performance, as performers don vibrant LED costumes, moving in synchrony to create a mesmerizing visual spectacle of light, color, and futuristic dance.
  • Bollywood Dance Troupe: Bursting with energy and infectious rhythms, the Bollywood Dance Troupe brings the vibrant and lively spirit of Indian cinema to the stage, captivating audiences with their dynamic choreography and colorful costumes.
  • Punjabi Bhangra Troupe: The Punjabi Bhangra Troupe ignites the stage with their energetic and joyful performances, showcasing the vibrant and rhythmic folk dance of Punjab, India, leaving audiences captivated and eager to join in the celebration.
  • Folk Dancers: The Folk Dancers embody the rich cultural heritage of their respective regions, mesmerizing audiences with their traditional costumes, authentic choreography, and storytelling through dance, offering a glimpse into the diverse tapestry of folk traditions.
  • Indian Mujra Dancers: The Indian Mujra Dancers evoke the elegance and grace of traditional courtesans with their intricate movements, expressive gestures, and captivating performances, transporting spectators to the enchanting world of Indian classical dance.
  • Irish Band: The Irish Band brings the lively spirit of Ireland to life with their spirited jigs, reels, and soul-stirring ballads, captivating audiences with their infectious energy, toe-tapping rhythms, and virtuoso instrumental performances.
  • GoGo Girls: The GoGo Girls exude charisma and high-energy as they groove to the beat, dazzling audiences with their vibrant costumes, captivating dance moves, and infectious enthusiasm, creating an electrifying atmosphere on the dance floor.
  • Russian Theme Bridal Entry: The Russian Theme Bridal Entry adds a touch of grandeur to weddings, as the bride makes a majestic entrance accompanied by traditional Russian music, elaborate costumes, and a procession of dancers, creating a truly unforgettable moment.
  • Russian Theme Groom Entry: The Russian Theme Groom Entry brings a regal touch to weddings, as the groom enters with pomp and splendor, accompanied by traditional Russian music, dancers, and a display of grandeur, setting the stage for a memorable celebration.
  • Book Russian Belly Dancers: Experience the enchantment of Russian Belly Dancers, with their graceful movements, intricate choreography, and vibrant costumes, adding an element of elegance and allure to any event or celebration.

I hope you find these descriptions helpful! Let me know if there’s anything else I can assist you with.

Whether you are organizing a corporate event, a lavish party or even an extravagant event, Belly Dancing is a sure shot way to entertain guests. It keeps them in the loop and engaged all the time. Their presence will make any event a superhit. They are just a call away. Contact us now!

Book artist for corporate event in below category-

1. Book Fire Act for Corporate events –

Our Fire Dancers are a multi-talented entertainer who specializes in fire shows and aerial displays. Performing solo or as part of a group, our fire dancer can choreography bespoke shows that will be unique to your event. They not only have a wide range of costumes to choose from but are highly skilled with a wide variety of props such as hula hoops, poi, staffs, dragons and much more.

Fire act for event
Fire act for event

Book Martini Act for Corporate Event –

Whether you own a bar or a nightclub, our martini can work with you to make sure they maximize the potential of attracting new guests and customers. If you’re running an event and want martini girls to work the room and keep the atmosphere fun, our girls will leave everyone there is no doubt of their talents. They’ll impress your visitors with their skills, not for mention their good looks and attractive outfits! They get any party or event off to a great start and keep the fun flowing, along with the alcohol.

Martini girl for corporate event
Martini girl for corporate event

Book Tanoura Act Dance –

Our Tanoura dancers are artists from India and abroad who are passionate about the traditional dances of Egypt and the Arabic world. With an extensive knowledge of both modern and traditional dances as well as many years of experience in the dance industry, our Egyptian dancers promise to deliver a stunning and authentic dance show that will amaze audiences worldwide. Book artist for corporate event to make your employees happy.


Tanaura dance act
Tanaura dance act

Book Hostess for Corporate Events-

Our event hostess is irregularly sought-after for a wide variety of functions in and around the country from charity balls and New Year’s Ever celebrations to opening parties and award ceremonies. She can apply her skills to any given task and quickly adapts to new situations. She is a very versatile event host who can completely tailor her style, appearance or delivery.

Book Flute Mermaid-

An International Flute Mermaid is a mix of talent and beauty. It is a rare skill which is appreciated around the world. Complete with a beautiful stage decorated with shells, necklaces, goldfishes and pearls, the performance of a flute mermaid attracts everyone’s attention. li has a soothing effect on the audience who is enthralled by her act.

Book Symphony Band for corporate event-

A live music ensemble with many years of experience, these live party musicians have inherited a rich musical tradition from the orchestra’s founder. The group’s extensive repertoire has been designed to appeal to a wide international audience. The orchestra’s vocalists can sing in English, Hindi and other languages and adapt their set list to satisfy the music tastes of even the most demanding listeners!

Book Russian Dhol –

A Dhol played at a wedding is an auspicious sign and a must for every celebration. But what if you can add a special twist to it? Our Russian Dhol players are the best form at an entertainment for your Baraat and beyond. Who doesn’t like seeing these foreigners learning our rituals and excelling in carrying them out?

Book Saxophone Player –

Saxophone players in Delhi can be chosen by the client according to the requirement of the event. The saxophone is a multipurpose instrument. The music produced by a saxophone can be used as a way of expressing various emotions like humor, comedy, surprise and so on. The advancing technology has left its impressions on saxophone also. Like the electric guitar, saxophone also comes with electronic effect.

Book Violin Artist for Corporate events-

An artist that loves exploring new genres and styles, this crossover violinist enjoys creating new music and delighting listeners with unique sounds. As a soloist or along with other artists, our contemporary string musician knows how to captivate audiences of all ages with her music. She can play both the classical and the electric violin and adapt her performance and style to different types of events.

Book Russian Bride & Groom Entry Theme –

Bride and Groom entry with foreign girls is not just limited to simply walking to the stage with these girls. There are many forms which have taken place in this realm. We provide all of them and even catered to customize ways.

Russian hostess for events
Russian hostess for events
  • Below services are available for corporate events in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon – 
  1. Model
  2. Band
  3. Dancer
  4. Juggler
  5. Magician
  6. Caricature
  7. Nailart
  8. Mehendi
  9. Tattoo & Mehendi Artist
  10. Flash Mob
  11. Doctor
  12. Photobooth with Flipbooks
  13. Gaming Machine Indoor
  14. Motivational Speaker
  15. Comedian
  16. Cartoon Character
  17. Dhaki
  18. Bouncer
  19. Security
  20. House Keeping
  21. DJ (Male & Female)
  22. RJ (Male & Female)
  23. Emcee
  24. Hostess
  25. Manpower
  26. Photography
  27. Videography
  28. Instant Photography
  29. Gym Trainer
  30. Yoga Trainer
  31. Pen Branding
  32. Badges Branding
  33. T-Shirt Branding
  34. Cap & Umbrella Branding
  35. Calendar & Diary Branding
  36. Walky Talky
  37. Metal Detector


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