Career in event management is blooming widely

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Career in event management
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Explore event planning jobs, coordinator roles, manager vacancies, and organizer careers in the dynamic event industry. Find your opportunity today. Events and functions are a fundamental part of people’s lives. You can not simply ignore them because they influence nearly all facets of social life. We celebrate birthdays, social meetings, and marriages on a personal level. University events during academic years, such as conferences and interschool and intra-school tournaments, accompanied by university festivals.

Announcements, exhibitions, marketing campaigns, conferences, product launches, and brand development activities take place every year in the field of work. Therefore, events are everywhere around us. And thus, a career in event management is not a bad choice to go with.

Want to start your career as an event manager? few essentials before you start

Most people consider event managers to be wedding or concert planners. But you are required to consider a lot more to qualify in the area of event management. In a well-planned event, guests may not appreciate the event planner’ s work, but they will surely recognize if anything is arranged disorderly due to the lack of planning.

The management of events and activities is an operation that has multiple facets. The key components in this profile include innovation, careful planning, relationship management, advertising and marketing, and much more.

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What about a career in event management?

Working for an event management company will never give you a chance to get bored. Moreover, a degree in event management would enable you to improve your skills and work on innovative, large-scale projects. Doing this will further incorporate your creative vision.

Event managers are creative individuals who like to take part in the show with their brilliant multi-tasking abilities and personality. You will learn how to put ideas into practice and spend time developing creative themes and formats and communicating with customers.

A career in event management requires these skills:

  1. Strong communication network,
  2. Creative perspective,
  3. Highly coordinated and vigilant about information,
  4. A great thinker and ready to see ideas,
  5. It is great to promote and discuss all forms of identity.

What are the qualification criteria to opt for event management jobs?

To start a career in event management, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in either communication, public relations, or a related subject. Some hospitality programs focus more on event planning. These programs further extend the offer to the students to participate in classes on publicity, building management, partnerships with media, and cost control techniques for special events.

The most respected jobs in the field of event management are:

Event planner:

It is the responsibility of an event planner to ensure and take care of all the related events, from the conceptualization to the preparation and coordination. An event planner is responsible for organizing events, which involves the combination of many programs and bringing ideas to life. However, the job includes more than just the choice of venue and decoration. Above all, the event managers need to have remarkable communication capacity.

They meet with customers to decide the intent, scale, and budget of a case. Since event planners also connect via e-mail with buyers and vendors, they must be able to express themselves effectively in writing. Understanding the language of the contract may also be helpful, as planners often use contracts to protect themselves and their customers.

Wedding planner:

The wedding planner‘s role includes everything from clothing and flowers to venues for ceremonies and receptions. They even need to look into the presentation of food, drinks, and entertainment, as well as the arrangement of accommodations, comforts, and other facilities for the guests. Any project for a marriage function can be made large or restricted, depending on the level to which the client wants to participate. Even though the couple has strong ideas about the kind of day they want, they will need a strong creative strip to tap into their vision and turn it into a reality for them.

wedding planner

Event coordinator

Event coordinators are also referred to as event managers or event planners. Their primary duties include the collection of locations, cost estimation, function management, coordination of event resources, and client authorization. You can work as a contractor in an event company.

You should be well-organized and have sound experience of supplier management as the Event Coordinator. Excellent communication and attention to detail are essential in this role since success depends on the customers ‘ specific needs.

Event organizer

Event organizers are the people who organize various kinds of events, from trade shows, academic conferences, business workshops, and career fairs to product launches, concerts, film festivals, fashion shows, or fundraising events for charity.

In fact, the event managers operate with a variety of clients in the public and private sectors. However, some event organizers may work for large multinationals in-house, and others may work for themselves on a freelance basis. If you are part of this career, you will probably be taking on a broad range of tasks to ensure that the activities that you plan are the best they can be. Your goal will be to plan everything as quickly and cost-effectively as possible while ensuring that the event has the requisite “wow factor.”

Fashion event organizer

Coordinators of fashion activities are responsible for coordinating and preparing events such as fashion shows, design festivals, openings of shops, and product launches An event coordinator may plan small events on its own or lead a team to big events. A fashion event coordinator’s specific role varies from one type of event to another. These coordinators have to learn and be very well informed around apparel and marketing.

A fashion event organizer needs to create a consistent look that fits the fashion brand that the event promotes. For all events, the coordinator has to create a customer-friendly atmosphere and environment. The coordinator must identify the customer’s choice and then determine which furnishings and decorations will contribute to holding on to a good impression.

Corporate event planner

The corporate event planners are responsible for ensuring that conferences run smoothly, from initial planning and customer connection to the coordination of day-to-day staff and activities. They supervise the catering and hospitality staff and approach vendors and presenters. They even guarantee the success of an event that partners and delegates organize.

Event professionals in India


Besides all the above-mentioned jobs, you will be able to get international recognition if you opt for event management as your career. Our country has already begun to receive increasing media coverage and international recognition. In addition to the international venues, the media industry has begun hosting annual mega-events. It significantly improved the ability to try their luck on the international market for the people involved with event management.

Professionals in this field also take advantage of the opportunity to showcase their talent at international events where delegates from our country take part in cultural festivals, exhibitions, business events, etc.