How to choose the best artist for a wedding event?

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Wedding Artist & Management-

Planning a wedding is not a easy task. From choosing the right venue, accommodation, catering and decoration to serving and treating the guests properly. Everything needs to be taken care with utmost attention and diligence. Today, with wedding expenses blowing the roof, it is necessary to analyze and decide where to spend more and where to spend less. With expensive wedding halls and caterers, it is difficult to focus on all things at a time despite the pressure and work mounting at home. To put these worries to rest, event management companies like Hire4event are at your service to ensure you enjoy the wedding and leave all the worries at bay.

Services offered by Wedding Event Management-

  • Venue selection
  • Decoration services
  • Catering
  • Artists
  • Renting equipment
  • Sound systems
  • Lighting
  • Entertainment accessories- VR cricket, paint ball game, tug of war, bowling and giant wheel
  • Wedding couple couch
  • Stage setting
  • Special effects
  • Budget management

Types of Artists for wedding event

  1. Bridal Makeup artist
  2. Bridal hairstylist
  3. DJ
  4. Musical band
  5. Singers
  6. Dancers
  7. Host/Hostess
  8. Photographer
  9. Speaker
  10. Comedian
  11. Magician

Book artist for wedding

How to choose the right artist for wedding event-

  • Bridal Makeup artist: Picking the best bridal makeup artist is crucial. It is necessary to book the makeup artist well before the wedding, say about eight months prior to the wedding. To be sure, it is recommended to take up a demo of the makeup to ensure you are fine with it. Also, it is necessary to check the type of products they use to make sure you are not allergic to it.
  • Bridal hairstylist: Some makeup artists do both makeup and hair-styling. However, picking the right hairstylist is as equally important as the makeup artist. Like makeup, it is essential to try out a demo of the bridal hairstyle prior to the wedding to ensure it matches well with the wedding dress and accessories.
  • DJ: Wedding night is empty without DJ night. Picking the best DJ artist makes your wedding night a gala event with the right blend of grooving music ensuring maximum entertainment.
  • Musical band: Who wouldn’t wish to have a musical band playing soft and soothing instrumental music at the background. When the guests greet you with gifts? Choosing a musical band with a lot of expertise in the field and providing a complete list of the right songs for your wedding makes your wedding complete.
  • Singers: Just playing an instrumental music all through the day will make the guests bored. Bring in some shift by picking the best and popular singers for your wedding making your guests jump from their seats when they see their favorite singers on the stage. From folk to western, you can choose the right genre based on your gathering or audience.
  • Dancers:

The time between each wedding event can be filled with dance programs. Bring the best dancers in market by analyzing their experience and standard besides choosing the genre of dance. For instance, you can choose from Bollywood, Bhangra, and Western to even group dance.

  • Host/Hostess: Do you feel your event is not coordinated enough? Then pick an experienced host or hostess for your wedding who can narrate the entire event and keep the guests informed about the significance of each ritual and performances.
  • Photographer: What use is bridal makeup and hairstyle and everything else, when the beautiful moments and color of the wedding are not captured properly? Wedding photography is the most important of all. Choosing the right photographer with much experience who can click the best pictures of the most important moments of your life is essential.
  • Speaker: Have you organized a reception for your colleagues and professionals? Then having a speaker as a part of your event who can motivate the guests and make them take a message back home is the best thing.
  • Comedian: Some weddings even have a comedian in stage for entertaining the guests and make them laugh their hearts out, as wedding is the time when happiness pours out.
  • Magician: Too many kids and children will be coming for your wedding? Keep them enthralled and entertained with the best magic shows. Choose a magician who can do easy and happy tricks rather than giving chills down the spine.

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