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What is Hire4event?

We always need a certain amount of entertainment and celebration in our lives, be it personal or professional Businesses find it necessary to make both clients and employees happy by conducting conventions, trade shows, festivals, seminars and conferences professionally. However, organizing an event is not an easy task. Besides that, business professionals feel the difficulty in managing the event on top of the workload. This is where event management companies come to your rescue. From finding the right venue for your event to providing artists, decoration service and even sound system accessories, Hire4event help you make the event a grand success.

Why Hire4event?

Hire4event is a professionally managed event management company which provides and organizes qualitative and creative events in India. It is a concept of Global Magic consulting Private Limited to provide different kinds of services. Related to talent for different kinds of event organizers through event planning and renting equipment. Their goal is to transform ordinary events into creative and successful ones through creative ideas. They identify the target audience, build the concept based on it and plan the budget and time of the event accordingly. They deploy teams which look after each department, thereby enhancing the productivity of the event.

Services Offered:

1.Organizational services:
  • Cultural shows
  • Birthday parties
  • Company events
  • Seminars and Conferences
  • Promotions & Exhibition Services
2.Manpower services
  • Hospitality
  • Ushering
  • Brand Promoter
  • Security Services
  • Loyalty programs
3.Technical services
  • PA system for small to big event
  • Stage setting and Visual design
  • Exhibition Stall design and modular stall
  • Mozo barricading/tin Barricading
  • Lighting and electrical control
  • Sound systems for any event
  • Decoration and theme creation
  • Pagoda and canopy rental
  • German hangers and event venue construction
  • AC and cooling solutions
  • Adventure tour and trip management
  • Artist booking and management

Benefits of choosing Hire4event

  • No compromise on quality: Hire4event organize the best events for your company. Without compromising on the quality of the artists as well as the equipment and technical services.
  • Budget flexibility: The businesses can choose their own plan from a variety of cost-effective plans tailored for the needs of the company. By this way, you save money and as well get what you really want instead of compromising on the quality.
  • 24*7 customer support: The event management company is available to resolve your queries and issues related to artists anytime and anywhere with the help of their round the clock customer service.
  • Access to the top and a verified pool of artists: You get to choose your favorite artist from a magnificent pool of over 1500 verified and top class artists. With choices provided from 50 different styles and genres all over the world, you need not have to compromise on the content.


  • Event promotion on social media:

The reputation of your brand is bound to increase with the effective promotion of your event online through the various social media platforms. People can easily recognize your company by relating to the artists who will perform in your company event.

  • Hassle-free artist booking: You need not worry about the availability of the artist and other obstacles in booking when you pick Hire4event. Besides helping you book artists at ease. It also helps you to filter your choice of artists based on your requirements and nature of the event.
  • Single event or series of events management: You can take the help of Hire4event to organize either a single event or a series of events depending upon your needs.
  • No technical difficulties: You need not have to worry about sound system check and quality, audibility and acoustics for the performance. As everything will be taken care of by the event management team. Right from arranging accommodation and security to the artist to providing hospitality to the audience. And arranging the stage with appropriate decorations and perfectly working sound systems to enable audiences to experience a visual as well as a musical treat.

Benefits for Artists:

  • Travelling and accommodation: The event management agency will take care of your travelling and accommodation expenses and in fact book accommodation for you in advance. Artists can travel and stay comfortably without any worries. Your privacy and safety will be assured.
  • Increase in your market value: By signing a contract with the event management teams. You are bound to increase your market value with more and more customers demanding to have your event at their organization. By performing dedicatedly and uniquely, you can increase your demand in the market.
  • Enhancing your fan base: With event management agencies organizing events for large scale corporate and other companies. you get to interact with a larger crowd every time you perform, thereby enhancing your fan base with your rich talent.
  • Flexibility: You can provide a convenient date and time for performing in the event rather than yielding into the company’s demands. Based on your availability, the company will pick you up and help you manage your time efficiently.
  • Multitasking: You can manage your main business or career simultaneously by working with event management companies. You can allocate your time based on the event and side by side work on your skills and career.


  • Social media promotions:

With the entire corporate and business world going online. Most of the people look up to social media pages like Facebook and Twitter for notifications of events. You can promote yourself by sending in a short clipping of your performance in the event and expect millions of people to view your video and create awareness in them about the event. Social media has become one of the powerful marketing platforms today.

  • Enhance your pay scale: With reputed organizations hiring you for their event, you are definitely going to get paid more than actually you get based on your popularity and demand. Local artists can generate a regular source of income with the help of event management services.
  • A platform for talent promotion: By collaborating with event management agencies, you not only develop trust and a mutual understanding with them. But also promote your talent on a powerful and reputed platform which has a name for itself, which in turn helps you build a name for yourself. They provide you with a profile which can be viewed by any visitor who visits the website. They foster the talent in you and keep you occupied with performance opportunities.

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