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Create Artist Profile
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Create Artist Profile to Get Direct leads-

India is full of events and artist where thousands of artist are available for booking and there is thousands of events happens every day. But there is gap between artist and organiser. We provide a bridge in between where an event organiser can choose artist according to requirement and budget. We provide a free of cost platform for every artist to create their profile and start getting booked.

  • Our process-

  1. Go to login link click on artist and create an account
  2. Upload information about you and your team
  3. Upload photo and YouTube video link.

After submission of profile your profile will be live at our website.

Benefits of online profile creation-

  • Thousands of people always keep searching talented Singer, DJ, Anchor, hostess models, guitarists, Tabla player, flute players, keyboard player, Comedians, drummer etc. Your profile will be promoted free of cost on internet where any one can contact you directly.
  • Get paid more- when you will be booked directly by organiser. Definitely you will get more payment because nobody will take as commission of single penny.
  • So start market yourself why to wait someone to help you. Why to send daily emails and make calls for bookings.
  • Post your snaps and videos on social media Post daily photos, videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, twitter and other social media sites. Raise social issues like social evil, crime, corruption, hungry children’s death etc. Where you may get attention of people. You may become celebrity in future.

Talent Promotion Platform-

There are many hidden talents in our country and they don’t get recognised by big brands and stages in event industry. So we are providing a online platform to all the Artists from India and abroad too. Any kind of artist can come across our portal and do their registration . After this process their work profile will be visible to the all the visitors of our site. and they can easily go to our artist booking section and reach to the artist directly for any kind of enquiry related to events, live performance or for any other live shows.


Celebrities Don’t roam for work-

The artists like singers, dancers, stand-up comedians are the celebrities for the people who love the performance and work of any particular artist. And this celebrity tag is grabbed by their hard work and dedication. And if any celebrity is asking and approaching for work to people, it doesn’t suits on their personality and is dishonor of his/her talent. So our idea of idea making artist profile will not let them roam to the people for work. Because everyone uses internet and online platforms to find the suitable and perfect service. So people now a days search artist for their parties, corporate events, college GIGs etc. So the artists registered on our portal will get direct and good leads for live shows and GIGs.

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