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Date and venue Availability-

Before planning event check date and venue availability as this most important thing. Research about best venue location where your audience can easily communicate. Make proper arrangement for parking, public transports, etc.


Take permissions from government bodies like Municipal corporation, traffic police, pollution control board, excise department, entertainment tax, PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited) Licence. PPL is a licence for playing recorded music in public, the licence for public performance of music recordings.

  • IPRS (Indian Performing Right Society Limited) Licence.

  • Excise Licence.

Budget and quotation-

Make budget and take quotations from relevant vendors so that you may plan accordingly. 

Event category –

Do market research before planning event and decide a category like Music concert, Sports, seminar, conference, spiritual event, exhibition, adventure activity, competition etc.

Plan you marketing accordingly. Develop a timeline for everything to make your event successful. Book artist, anchor, production, before dates fill.

Event marketing and sponsorship-

Discuss to people interest about your event concept take reviews from general audience. Try to take input from experts and industry leaders its best way to start event marketing. Make a proposal for sponsorship start sending to relevant companies.

Media planning

For good sponsorship you should have strong approach in media management. Make some media partner like

  1.  Print media partner
  2. Radio partner
  3. Digital media partner
  4. Outdoor media partner

Create a brand value make event logo, website, banner, social media pages, and keep posting daily updates about your event, plan, artist, success etc. Organize a press release with all top media houses which will create hike about your event.

Ticketing and invitations-

Invite dignitaries from your city like celebrity, social activist, sports person, which will increase brand value of your event. In India there number of ticketing portals like Bookmyshow.com, Paytm.in, Insider.in, eventsnow.com, zoonga.com, ticketgenie.com, Explara.in, etc. Start selling tickets easily. Sell some tickets in early bird offer, then start phase-1, VIP ,VVIP etc.

Plan your Security and risk management –

Hire very good and responsible security agency to manage your event. Take permission and help from local police and sketch you security plan before a weak at-least. Hire Mozo barricading, CCTV Camera, Walki-talki to manage crowd. Most important thing is arrange some fire cylinders, and keep informing fire safety department. Ambulance Service is also very accessory to be present at venue.

Traffic Diversion and management-

Design traffic plan including: Signage, disabled parking, VIP parking, pedestrian access, marshals, car parking area, entry and exit points, lighting, road closures, promote alternative transport.

Site Preparation and Plan

Make sketch of venue check power load availability, number of toilets, housekeeping staff, safety and emergency exit etc.


Organize a briefing/meeting session


Do organize a pre event briefing with all your staff, management, volunteers, security, technicians, managers, food vendors, etc. Create contact list for all staff members and circulate to everyone. Discuss emergency plans, risk management etc.

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