Best Ideas to promote an Event

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best event promotion ideas
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1.Blogging at event websites

There are lots of event news and event marketing websites in India good traffic even as they promote events to the right audience.You can share videos, creatives, offers, news, strategies etc. Daily blogging is best to promote an event and spread the right conversation.

2.Free Goodies distribution-

Free foodies and gadgets distribution at right audience place is also a better idea to promote any event. You can create a hike in a market while distributing free gadgets like wristbands, T-Shirts, Caps, Creative posters, key-chains, and free gifts to commercial places.

3.Videos and Creatives

Videos and creative marketing is full proof idea to promote events. Post daily videos and photo with right information like ticket selling location and links.

4.Create a newsletter

Send e mailers and bulk SMS to best ticket buyers on regular basis. Audience totally depends upon the type of event and artist. You have to target right age group according to the artist.

5. Regular YouTube videos

85% web traffic comes from videos and YouTube is the best place for videos. You can post regular videos on YouTube with right keywords and tags.

6. FM Radio marketing

FM Radio advertisement is a good idea to advertise your shoes and can distribute free passes to people while playing the quiz and offers like buy one get one ticket free. Can create a rumour in the audience.

7.Bulk emails-

Bulk emails to data of age group and fans of the artist. Even you can target companies and institution database.

8. Paid advertisements and content marketing

Newspaper and paid Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn is the cheapest way for paid promotion best part is you can select right audience interface.

9. Invest in professional photography

While creating a series of event you must have to be serious on photography and videography that will give right information while posting anywhere. Photos and video are most realistic things to show you audience for future marketing and advertisements.

10. Ground marketing

Posters and hoardings are the very good option to advertise about any event but the selection of aria and timing must be right.

11. Involving corporate houses

Offers can be created as corporate booking or can create an offer for any big corporate house to create hike and rumor to grab audience which will give you mouth marketing throughout the audience

12. Celebrity endorsement

Endorse a celebrity according to fan following even invite any celebrity in the event and spread a message that lucky audience will get chance to meet that celebrity.

13. Data Collection and conversation with right people

Collect the database of RWA, companies employees, Adventure lovers, Travellers, students, etc to connect them through bulk emails and SMS.

14. Post stories on social media

Post daily stories of events like about you artist, Acts, Facilities, inside Events, about foods, Accommodation, transports, drinks, adventure activities etc.

15. Daily updates

Daily progress and news must be updated on daily basis over social media and blogging sites.

16. market research and strategies

Do market research and make strategies according to audience overlap. try to deliver what people will love to do like bungee jumping, shooting, selfie, free drinks, VIP exposure etc.

17. Offer on ticket sales

Create offers on early bird ticket sales to grab the initial audience.

18. Visit similar events

The organiser must have to visit similar events and can learn a lot of things to do.

19. Invitation to social activists

Invite people who are famous in the same age group as the sports person, singers, local celebrities etc.

20.Selection of right ticketing agency

There are some good ticketing agencies in India like Bookmyshow, Paytm, events now,, Kyazoonga, etc. Even you can select multiple event ticketing agencies also. you can get the right database from them also.


21.Digital and social media marketing

Digital marketing is the best way to promote any event so you must have to invest in that with the team of experienced digital marketing agencies,

22.BTL and ATL

Bellow, the line, and newspaper and tv advertisement are good for large-scale events.

23.Media sponsorship

Associate different media houses can sponsor your event on batter system. Utilize their advertisement plan to promote any event.

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