Conference event : Organize in a professional way

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Conference Event
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Conferences are one of the most important events for researchers and professional event managers. Conferences provide a detailed view of the upcoming agenda, new technologies, and achievements until now.  For this important event, participants, organizers and media try their best to make it successful. To avoid the scenario of cash crunch and cancellations, you can take the help of a professional conference event planner. For example, many professional conference planners in Delhi will take charge of your event and assist you till the end of your conference. At first, you may not feel confident to hand over all the responsibility to an unknown person, but don’t worry, they are experts in their domain and have relevant experience and skilled staff.

All conferences have something common

Whether it’s an academic conference, a business conference, a medical one, or regarding training, all have something in common. They all need a conference room, accommodation and modern modes of communication. Almost all conferences require projectors, computers, mikes, and microphones. Some stationery items, id cards and bags with logos are essential parts of conferences. Boards and banners, caterers, and transport service to the venues are the things that you cannot overlook.

Every conference is new

No matter how many conferences you have organized or attained, every conference has something new and many fresh participants. The conference is all about introducing the latest information with the people of the relevant field. So take it as a new opportunity and try to avoid repeating the mistakes from the past. For the first-timers, it is important to do thorough research under proper guidance. A conference event is a perfect place where people from the same field gather and share their experiences. Conference organizer in Gurgaon conducts many such conferences for various sectors.

Conference Planning

Planning: start with a proper layout

A planner must have a sharp vision and tremendous forethought. The information about who, when how and what-if saves a lot of money and effort. Your plan and vision are going to support you throughout the conference. A backup plan for every failure will not only save your reputation but prevent further loss. For instance, if one of the guest speakers is not able to appear on time, what will you do?

Prepare come content for participants. In many conferences, the volunteers hand over a small magazine related to the conference. Prepare crisp content for it.

Budget for conference event: it is never too low or high

If any organization does not fund your conference, then how will you manage the expenses? Many conferences take a one time charge from participants that may include accommodation and food also. Calculate the cost-benefit ratio and make the decisions accordingly. If the conference event is regarding training or supply of any services, then make sure the speakers convince participants to try it. From selecting speakers to the booking of the hall, keep your budget in mind. It will be worthless if the speakers don’t have an idea about what you have planned to offer the participants.

Conference event Venues: Reachable, comfortable and safe 

Attendees are usually from outside and need some assistance and ready services. If the venue has a hall as well as accommodation at the same place, then it is good. But if both are in different places, then make sure you have a good transport facility. Is there a proper catering service nearby? Do they provide food according to various cuisines? Is there a medical facility nearby? Check out these details before confirming the venue.

Exhibition and volunteers for conference event

Conferences have an exhibition area where eye-catching charts and posters are there to promote the products. If there is a poster presentation, you may also get the posters from the participants. The gallery or exhibition area should have proper lighting and enough space so the attendees could walk easily.

Select some skilled and enthusiastic volunteers to make the conference event more lively. Volunteers guide and assist everyone in the conference. They try to solve any issues at their level before it worsens. They know how to face the cases of lost-found or any confusion in navigating inside the venue.

Advertising: invite them to collaborate via a conference event

Advertising is not a difficult thing nowadays. There are many modes of sharing information with others like social media, emailing to organizations, and sending alerts for conferences via some apps. Look for the Institutions from where you can gather participants. Either send mails to the HODs or share it on your official website. Since social media is an excellent way to share any news or update, it will increase your chances to get more participants. You can create a social group for your event or make a page and invite people to like it. There are conference organizers in Noida who do the same for their clients.

Make sure technology doesn’t fail

After so many efforts, it will be heartbreaking if any of the electronic items fail to work. Hire a technician and keep some spare devices for emergencies. The venue must have 24-hour electricity supply or a ready to use power backup. The furniture, assets, wiring and, sound must be modern and comfortable. However, if the participants are about to present something at the conference,  load their copy in the system in advance to avoid awkward moments such as the device is not connected.

Decide the dress codes

The dress code is formal most of the time. Volunteers may sometimes appear in uniforms. Get an id card for everyone in the conference.

Dresscode options for a conference

Do the after survey

Once you have successfully conducted the conference, do a survey, and collect details like a number of participants appeared. Focus on details like from where you get most attendees. Which mode of advertising attracted the people most? The outcome was as expected or not? Does it have any financial effect on you? Therefore, analyze these points and find out how fruitful the conference event was?

Publish: Share the success with those who  missed it

In the end, publish a magazine, highlighting important events and pictures from the conference. Incorporate speeches from the experts. Don’t forget to mention the name of the winners if there was any competition.


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