What makes Audio sound system apt for an event?

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Audio sound system are the core of any event or party. Whether it is a formal meeting, a business event or just a get-together, the audio sound system have the power to make or break your event. Suppose you spent the whole night writing the perfect speech for an audience to motivate them towards success. But when you reach the mike with full confidence, due to the disruptive sound system, no one is able to hear from you. Your whole speech falls flat in spite of your best efforts.

Before getting the best audio sound system for your event, it is indispensable that you understand why exactly you need the best quality sound system in the first place?

Setting the atmosphere of the audio sound system:

The chief function of the audio sound system in your party is to set the mood and create a pleasing aura. Be it a birthday party, a college reunion, a product launch or just another business meeting; there is a nuance that every party requires. This undertone changes according to what kind of a party it is. The choice of your audio system should be based on your audience and the root of your party. High tempo audio releases adrenaline while low tempo makes people feel relaxed. Thus, a good audio sound system will create exactly the kind of atmosphere which you require in your event.

Grab the audience’s attention  through audio sound system:

This has to be the most important point of this segment. The agenda is to catch the focus of your audience. Most of the people seem busy with their mobile phones or look nowhere in particular while the speaker is delivering his words. With a good audio sound system, you can capture their attention and give it a particular direction to follow.

Create an everlasting impression:

Think of the best party that you’ve ever been to. Now try to remember who threw it and the cause of that party. You still remember it clearly, right? Well, that’s the whole purpose of the event. With the right audio sound system, you’ll be able to give people a lot of everlasting memories. It will always remind them of you, and your cause to throw the party/event, thus fulfilling the agenda of your event.

Sound setup for concert

Makes an event more organised:

Audio sound system do so much more than just emanating music. Since the crowd is centered on the audio sound system, it has the power to add flexibility to the entire event. With audio consoles, you can not only mix different types of music for the party but can also control the sound originating from the speakers. A professional sound system will improve the quality of your sound system as well as of your event.

Improve communication:

The best way to deliver your message towards your audience is by using the audio system of your event. It improves the quality of your communication. Even the person standing at the end of the room should be able to hear from you. If you are able to communicate with your audience properly, there are higher chances of your event becoming a huge success which was your aim throughout.

Choosing the best audio sound system for your event:

Now that you know the importance of having a good audio sound system for your event, you should know how and what kind of sound system you need to improve the quality of your event. Basically, a sound system consists of two parts: inputs and outputs. It is essential to maintain the perfect balance between both of these to make sure you get the best out of your event.

Best Sound System for live music shows


The input of your audio sound system is your microphone that will capture your sound and circulate it throughout the room. Your message to be conveyed will travel through the means of this microphone. Therefore, the microphone must be placed in the right position. It is also important to determine whether the presenter of your message would like to have a wireless microphone or the one with a stand.

A wireless microphone allows the presenter to move around the stage freely. He can deliver his/her speech in a position he/she likes. If he wishes to keep his hands free to show gestures while delivering a speech, he can do so with a wireless handheld microphone. This also improves the quality of the speech. There are also wireless lavaliere microphones where the microphone is attached in front of the speaker’s mouth so that both their hands are free.

If he/she is more comfortable with a lectern, it is perfectly fine to use one provided the fact that it is placed in the right position.

There is one more important factor to keep in mind while working with inputs. If you plan to show any audio-visual files or your presentation consists of audio, be sure to let your technology provider know about it.


Now that you finally have your inputs sorted, it is important to get your outputs to work efficiently.

While determining the kind and quality of speakers that you need in your event, it is important to consider the size of your audience. You need to have pretty powerful speakers if you intend to accommodate more than 1500 people in a room. You should make sure that one voice can beat the voices of 1500 people chattering, laughing or clanking dishes. With the right set of speakers, you can achieve this hence improve the quality of your event.

In case of simple events such as fundraisers or a dinner/dance setup, a speaker with 440 watts will work fine as they are not designed for high output. However, if your party is based on the dance floor, you need to consider 700-1000 watts of amplification to last all night.

So now you are aware of why audio sound systems are important and what makes a good sound system work. In this context, it is important to do proper research before you hire any audio expert for your event. It is always beneficial to invest a good amount when you get audio sound system on rent for weddings and events rather than going for the cheaper ones. Because in the end, it will be the sound system that can hit or flop your event.

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