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Ideas for event management
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When you decide to have an event, you must have a layout in mind. You should take a virtual tour and experience how the events will take place. But wait, writing it down should be the first part of your strategy. Don’t miss this step. Your budget, number of guests, location, sponsors, and activities must go around as per your plan.

Be it a corporate event or a social gathering, a perfect plan will ensure that everything goes smoothly. At the end of the day, you should be ready with ideas for event management.

The various ideas for event management include:

Discover your hidden creativity

Everyone has hidden talents and hobbies. Take full advantage of this opportunity and let the world know you can also craft something meaningful within your budget. From food to decoration, a perfect plan and theme could match every budget. Look for activities that will entertain every age group. Don’t forget the games you used to play in school picnics or family gatherings. Sometimes a musical chair is enough to make the environment lively.

Promotion is an important part of planning

Moreover, you can use social media for advertising. The Internet has connected everyone now. Make use of technology and reach every corner of the globe. Email them, invite them to collaborate, or ask for partnerships. Offer some discounts, highlight the most attractive parts of your event and let them know the importance of their presence. Mention your contact details and alternative numbers.

Make a checklist for Ideas for event management 

No matter what your purpose is—a charity or a professional meeting—don’t forget to make a checklist. Get a captivating name and slogan for the event. Design a logo and create a tagline for your event. The date and venue must be suitable for everyone. Even unexpected weather events can destroy your plan. So avoid vulnerable locations and seasons. Ask for the menu from the catering service. Don’t forget to send reminders to the service providers.

Make your event thematic

Choose a theme and plan activities based on it. If you want any dress code, make sure it is cost-effective and everyone can easily afford it. It is good to have a unique theme, but some people may drop their plan if they find it hard. Moreover, designing event t-shirts is another great idea. Make it simple and creative. You may focus on activities to match the theme. Decorate the entrance with slogans and posters matching the theme. Ask the volunteers to help the guests throughout the event.

Event Themes

Selection of venue for the event

Start with basic things like accessibility, size, and cost. Start looking for the venue as soon as you get the idea for an event. Many times, you don’t get a booking at the right time. You will need some time to shortlist, contact, and visit the venues. Transport facility, medical care, and basic services should be nearby the venue. Selecting a remote location is not a good idea at all, even if you have planned some outdoor activities.

Take the help of art

Colorful artistic items attract everyone. Hand made craft items like paper lanterns will not only draw attention, but they will also give a chance for marketing. Natural décor and wall frames never go out of fashion. If your budget is low, go for a black-and-white theme. You can plan some memento or return gifts for guests with the logo embedded in it. Live demonstrations to promote a product is very entertaining. Therefore, ask your sponsors for that.

Keep some basics for your event

Always incorporate some basic things in food, decoration, or activities. They are a lifesaver in emergencies. Introducing new ideas is a great thing but for people who don’t accept new things easily, keep some of old, traditional ideas. For example, taking selfies is a trend,  but hiring a professional photographer who can take personal pictures for them and hand them over afterward will be profitable as well as classic.

Food stalls are the basics of Ideas for event management 

You may choose the option of self-service or appoint staff for that. Get separate stalls for food, drinks, vegetarian or non-veg, etc. Don’t forget a dessert station with great variety but again, under our budget. Sometimes a variety of appetizers, healthy food, and food bars is enough to calm down the tired crowd.

Make sure you keep dustbins at corners to keep the venue clean and hygienic. Disposals for cutlery and leftover food are very important for a pleasant atmosphere.

Food Stalls

Event plan and timing

Prepare a plan for the series of events with the time. This plan goes along with promotion to inform the guests about the activities. Set the timings for welcome and hi-tea, guest talks,  activities, competitions or games, prize distributions, thank-you speeches, etc.

Try to stick on your schedule and keep a backup plan for every activity in case of failure. Let the volunteers help and guide the guests. You can set the time such that there is proper utilization of sunshine hours. If it’s too late, it will not be comfortable for guests to return.

Set up some rules

However, if you don’t want people coming in between with cameras, mention it as a note in the invitation. Hire a professional cameraperson. Use sponsored backdrops to create an area for photography. Ask the guests to use it.  Request the guests to take their respective places when someone is delivering a speech. Train the volunteers to sort out small quarrels and arguments.

If the event is very formal, you may also set up a time for gate closure or no entry without a ticket. Although the rules are only for safety and to maintain decorum, don’t stick to them or sound offensive.

Make a proper assessment

How will you count the success of your event? Based on the number of attendees or their reviews? Were the food and furniture enough? Were you able to engage the guests throughout the event? Did any technical glitch ruin the whole plan? Make a proper assessment. Therefore, learn from mistakes and celebrate success! Share the pictures on social media and your website. Send personal thanks giving messages to the VIP guests and speakers.