Themes for events: Go get yours!

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themes for events
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A well-chosen theme helps the participants connect and communicate with each other. While deciding on themes for events, the objective should be clear in your mind. The main motive of the event should reflect in the theme so the participants could relate to it. The backdrops, accessories, and design structure should be eye-catching and original. Besides, food & beverages must also reflect the theme.

Once you have decided to set up a theme and make it memorable, the second step is to search for some unique ideas. From mythical creatures to movie actors, there is a list of some common ideas. Your idea has to be unique, but not at that level; the participants find it hard to get a costume.

Give them a chance to use their creativity, like making wings at home or painting their faces. Keeping the type of participants in mind, you can opt for a variety of themes. Check which kind of costumes are available in your city. It will be tough if the theme has an idea from another country. But some themes are common and easy to get in almost every country, like a carnival or an environment-based theme.

Let’s have a look at some of the trending themes for events :

Save the Environment

It may look like it is specific to Earth Day or Environment Day. But it’s a great idea. Participants will get a chance to show their love for nature. If your budget is low,. You can plan it outdoors in nature. A variety of wildlife species, trees, and landscapes in the background will make it look more beautiful. Make it eco-friendly by reflecting your object. Avoid the use of plastic in the party. Use small messages regarding the same in the decoration.

Save the Environment theme Event

Old Hollywood themes

Show your craze for the 80s and 90s through your get-up. Never got a chance to act? Here you are. Experience all the glitz and glamour of the celebrities. Plan a grand entrance for each guest. Maybe a paparazzi welcome. Decorating such a theme is an easier task. Get the music, posters, and dummies of that decade.

Give it a personal touch using personalized invitations. Decorate the tables according to the theme. Hire an orchestra team to get more attention. retro theme for an event is one of the best ideas for themes for events.

Old Hollywood themes

We love Disney

Don’t confine this theme to kids’ birthday parties. We all have a child in us. Want the attitude of Princess Jasmine or the magic of the Arabian Nights? Let it come out. Each one of us can relate ourselves to one of the Disney characters. You can be innocent Cinderella or fun-loving Tarzan. Have a cheat diet. Decorate the food court with cakes, candies, and chocolate shakes.

Disney Theme Event

Keep it monochrome

Want to see life through a grayscale? Get a black-and-white theme. It sounds boring at first, but you will enjoy exploring your creative side. A sophisticated glamour never goes out of fashion. Black-and-white decorations with some silver will keep the theme interesting. Let the food match the theme. From vanilla ice cream to blackberries, you have a range to experiment with.

Get the nostalgia of school days

Get back to your school days. Dress up in uniform. You may be a teacher, a student, or a principal. Decorate the event with blackboards, chalk, and duster. Write scary algebra equations on the posters or decorate with simple ‘A’ for the apple chart. Make the seating arrangement in the form of classrooms. Start the party with a formal assembly, and don’t forget to ring that school bell. Serve food in a lunch box. Distribute pencil boxes and school bags as return gifts.

school days theme event

Combine fun with a murder mystery

Not literally! Become Sherlock Holmes for a day. Plan games like spot the murderer or find the murder weapon. Leave some hidden clues. Get some cigars and black hats to match the theme. Let suspense be in the air. Decorate the food table in a manner that surprises the participants. Who knows what murder weapon is under the fruit basket?

Welcome to jungle

You may or may not dress up like trees or animals. But the ideas are numerous. You can be a hunter or a Tarzan, too. Decoration ideas will look like a snake hanging from a branch or a tiger peeping from the bushes. The food table will cover mostly raw fruits and vegetables. Serve food in leaves or plates designed in such a manner. Let the animals speak in background music.

Jungle theme party

Arabian nights

Camels, lamps, tents, sand-dunes, and background music. That’s all you need. Dress up-you all know about it. Hire some belly dancers, or why not give a try yourself. It will be fun. Recreate the life of Aladin or Alibaba through pictures or videos. A small play is not a bad idea. Keep some dates, roasted cashews and pistachios as a snack. Don’t miss mezes and kebabs. Include sweet dishes and drinks to complete the theme.

Arabia nights

Get out of escape velocity—get a space theme

Let the moon, stars, rockets, and planets decorate your party. Form constellation on ceiling walls.  Dresses? Again, no issue. You can be an astronaut, NASA scientist or an alien. Use glitter and lights at the entrance. Celebrate out of the Earth with themed cakes and candies. Star-shaped cookies or spacecraft design cakes—anything can be made using creativity.

You are your superhero

One of the most chosen themes is superheroes. From Spider-Man to hulk, you can choose anyone. Decorations will cover backdrops of superheroes. There can be a competition to see how much the participant has succeeded in the gesture and act of the superhero. You can take a quiz about some general questions related to superheroes, like their real name.

superhero theme event

Party of pirates

A pirate flag welcomed participants with a black band on the eye and red bandana wrapped on the head. A good idea for themes for events. Games like Searching treasures will complete the rest. Give the participants a treasure map and some clues. Decorate the table with theme-based food.

Party of pirates

The enthusiasm and fun of theme-based events don’t need any words. It not only reveals your creative side but also leaves you with some beautiful memories.