Sponsorship Proposal Sample

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Sponsorship Proposal Sample –

Here is the proper format of Sponsorship Proposal –

Respected Sir/Ma'am,

Greetings from Team XYZ,

Subject - Sponsorship Proposal for " XYZ FESTIVAL or EVENTS"


Not even a year to its Inception, XYZ EVENTS : (XYZ) venture has won numerous awards in ABC area . 

So adding to this breakthroughs it is all set to Conduct First Edition of its Fest " XYZ FESTIVAL or EVENTS".

We request you to be our sponsor for the First Edition ofi ts fest, " XYZ FESTIVAL or EVENTS".

Sponsoring our event will" XYZ FESTIVAL or EVENTS" will be Hoping for a positive reply.


Your brand will be Promoted in the Following ways:
  1. Your Brand logo will be posted on Instagram and Facebook.
  2. Brand logo shows in the Teaser and trailer of the event promotional Video.
  3. Your brand logo  prints on Poster, which circulates over the social media and posted in all the localities
  4. Your advertisement  shows in LED screens again and again on the event days and even more it  announces again and again on the mike. So it will promote your brand directly.
  5. Brand Logo and name prints on big Backdrops and Hoardings.
  6. You can put  a Stall on event venue to Promote and Sell your Products.
  7. We will install Standees,  provided by you.
  8. Your brand logo and name displays in the beginning and end of the all visual activities and will be uploaded on YouTube.
  • As Sponsor, you have the opportunity to promote your brand (which includes Logo along with name of business enterprise) among around maximum footfalls ranging for event days (applies to all categories). All the sponsors will get sponsorship momentous and certificates.


  • Divide categories of sponsorship –

  • The following are the different Categories of Sponsorship we are looking forward to:
  • (1) Main Event Sponsors / Title Sponsors

  • Amount (from Sponsors)-  Rs. x,00,000/
  • Deliverables from National XYZ EVENT/ Festival-

Brand promotions on all major publicity material such as Event backdrop, banners, posters, certificates and college website, t-shirts of volunteers. Also space to put up the stalls at the venue to promote/ sell products on the event day.

  • (2)Event Major Sponsorship

  • Amount (from Sponsors)- Rs. xx,000/-
  • Deliverables from National XYZ EVENT/ Festival-

Brand promotion on Event backdrops. Also they can put up stalls and sell/display their products on event days.
Also Major Sponsors will get at at least two special exclusive posts on all XYZ EVENT/ Festival social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) as our Major Sponsors.

  • (3)Event Co- Sponsorship Amount (from Sponsors)-

  • Amount (from Sponsors)-  Rs. xx,000/- (fixed)
  • Deliverables from National XYZ EVENT/ Festival- Brand promotion on Event backdrops, banners. Also they can put up stalls but have to follow Profit sharing Codes (as per negotiations), if stalls seek profit.
  • (4)In-house Stall Sponsors

  • Amount (from Sponsors)- Rs. x,000/- (Advance Deposit)
  • Deliverables from National XYZ EVENT/ Festival – For putting up stalls on event days for displaying/selling products. Also the brand name promotes among the footfalls on event backdrops, banners, standees, etc.

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