Book Artist and DJ for wedding and event in Pune

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Book dj for wedding in Pune
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Best  Artist and DJ for wedding and event in Pune

Weddings are the most memorable moment of our lives and we should organize and celebrate it with perfection and style. Many people start preparing for their wedding since they got engaged. Because wedding preparation needs a long time and planning. From wedding venues, catering, rituals to entertainment, everything needs to be planned earlier to avoid any last-minute chaos. And the most important thing is to book various Artist and DJ for Wedding and live bands early so that you may get what you desired at reasonable prices. They are the crucial part of our weddings and an amazing foul point of the wedding venue. Guests come and spend the wedding night because they get entertained through various means.

Book best for wedding in Pune
Book best for wedding in Pune

But booking a Artist and DJ for Wedding is not an easy task if you don’t know how to book them. If you don’t gain proper knowledge about them, they might do fraud with you. There are various things to look out for booking artists, DJs, and bands. So that’s why we have formulated some important questions to ask from your DJ, artist, or band, which will help you in every way. Keep reading this blog for some essential questions to be asked!

Questions to ask while booking DJ, Artists,  for Wedding –

Pune , the city of Peshwas and the most popular wedding destination for various couples. Couples who planned to execute their marriage in some big palaces, consider Pune as the best destination for a wedding. Here you will find many artists, DJs, and live bands who give pure Marathi touch at the wedding. Looking to book here? Do ask the questions given below for your safety.


How many weddings they previously performed –

The Artist and DJ for Wedding, and bands performing at various clubs, bars, and pubs and performing at wedding functions are two different things. The artists who have performed well on club parties and all are not always a good option for booking for a wedding in Pune. Before booking them, you should ask how much they are experienced in performing at weddings in Pune.

book International DJ
Book International DJ

Ask for references from previous clients –

Before booking artists, DJs, and bands in Pune for weddings, it’s important to ask the references and testimonials from their previous clients. This will give you proof that they are experienced at organizing wedding entertainments and not lying. And a true artist, DJ, and bands will always show up their client’s testimonials at the first wedding.

Book Best wedding DJ
Book Best wedding DJ

Do I need to give any equipment 

This is the most important question which you should ask your artist, DJ, and band. Many couples are there who are not likely to know whether they need to give any equipment to artists, DJ, and bands for a performance at the wedding. The equipment includes mikes, costumes, speakers, lights, and more.

Indian wedding DJ
Indian wedding DJ

What happens when they are not performing –

This question is a must to ask before booking them in Pune. Make sure to ask after how much time of performance, they will take their first break, so that you can continue the entertainment through other means. Various artists, DJs, and bands provide some recorded albums to see, listen to, and enjoy meanwhile they are having their break.


Do you have any insurance or PAT certification for a wedding venue –

Wedding venues in Pune asked you to provide some insurance and PAT certification so that you will be eligible to use various electrical equipment for entertaining purposes. Make sure to ask your artists, DJs, and bands in Pune whether they provide these for your ease.

Best Indian DJ
Top DJ in India for wedding

Is there anything to check on the venue –

Ask your artist, DJ, or band whether you need to check anything on the wedding venue or not? Ask them whether they need big space for their performance, any electrical provider, internet connectivity, or not. This is the most important question to avoid any post risk involved. This will not make any last-minute hurry to arrange anything for the artists, DJs, and bands.


How long will they perform –

Now again this is the most important question to ask your artists, DJ, and band to book for a wedding in Pune. They must have a set time limit in which they perform like 1 hour, 2 hours, etc. Or it will also be based on how long your wedding venue allows you to perform. Because various venue owners don’t allow artists to perform after 10 in the night.


Do you need a rider –

Rider referred to those things which artists, DJs, and bands need extra to perform. It includes food, changing room, drinks, etc. Ask them whether they need these things added or they will take on their own. Also, ask whether they are charging for it extra if they are preparing alone for it. This question is also necessary to ask.

Ask for a contract –

A must and considerable question to ask. It’s the most necessary and obvious question to put in front of artists, DJs, and bands so that you may get secured for the day. Just make sure to get all the details with the date of performance mentioned on the contract. It should be perfectly signed by you and your artist, DJ, or band.

Top DJ for wedding
Book Top DJ for wedding in Pune

What happens if the artists fall ill on the performance day –

As the Artist and DJ for Wedding,  are human like us, it an obvious question to ask. If they get sick on their performance day, then who will perform? Many artists, DJs, and bands in Pune provide some assistance to perform at the wedding and as the same as the artist does. They can be a good option to replace if the artists fall ill.

The questions given above are a must to ask before finalizing the artists. These questions can confirm your booking and performance with them on the wedding day. These questions will enable you to execute the successfully grand wedding which you desire in your life. Go and ask your artists, DJs, and bands these questions and make your dream wedding with a high dose of entertainment come true.

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