Sport Management Companies in India

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Sport Event Management Companie in India
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Sport management is a major part of Event Management Industry in today’s scenario. Sport management covers all kind of event solutions require in organising any sport event like annual day in schools and colleges, Marathons, Cricket league, Adventure Sport. There is a long discussion about Sport Management Companies in India .

  • These are some professional areas which comes under event management.

  1.  Marketing/Sponsorship
  2. Grass-root development
  3. Sports Equipment
  4.  Sports News Websites
  5. Organisers / Consultants
  6.  Broadcasting/Production
  7.  Infrastructure
  8.  Merchandise
  9.  Ceremonies
  10.  Hospitality
  11.  Digital Solutions
  12.  Venue Operations
  13.  Sports Ticketing & Accreditation
  14.  Sports Tourism
  15. Athlete/Talent (also Rights & Licensing) Management
  1. Decathlon Sports India Pvt Ltd.
  2. ITW Consulting Pvt Ltd.
  3. Gaames Unlimited.
  4. IMG.
  5. GroupM – mConsult and Maxus.
  6. Rhiti Sports.
  7. IOS Sports and Entertainment.
  8. Sports365.
  9. Frontfoot Sports Management Pvt. Ltd
  10. The Sports Company
  11. GoSporto
  12. Rugby India
  13. Star Sports India
  14. DNA Entertainment Networks Pvt. Ltd.

About our services in Sport Event Sector –

Hire4event an Event Management Company headquartered in Greater Noida and serving in the Sport Event Industry in more than 25 cities across India for almost five glorious years.
They provide Event Management and Online/Offline Event Equipment rental services to our existing and potential clients and done a great job so far.

We have managed many Crowd Oriented Events so far in the NCR and other cities as well. Some of them are as follows –


  • Devil’s Circuit (Longest Obstacle Run Race in India held in Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Goa, Ahmedabad, Mohali, Hyderabad etc)
  • Alpha League Races
  • Airtel Delhi Half Marathon
  • Max Bupa Health Run
  • Airtel Grand Prix formula-1 Racing at Buddh International Circuit
  • International Day of Yoga (Delhi)
  • Indian Premier League (IPL)
  • Indian Super League (ISL) and many more.

Digital Advertisement –

  • Advertises through E-Mails and SMS to their existing customers separately and in Addition we will get assistance from their Website also.
  • Social Media Advertisements.
  •  Radio and Mass Media Advertisements.


  • Box Office/ Registration Counter Setup @ Venue.
  • Baggage Counters.
  • Help Desk.
  • Security Check Entrance.
  • Main Stage for General Announcements and Entertainment.
  • Starting Point.
  • Start Gate
  • Announcement Stage.
  • LED  Digital Clock
  • Finishing Point.
  • Start Gate
  • Announcement Stage.
  • LED  Digital Clock
  • Food And Beverages Area
  • Control Rooms.
  • Race Control Room
  • Security Control Room
  • Required Barricading and Fabrication.


  • Track Making.
  •   Sufficient Branding.
  •   Signage for Directions and Distance
  •   Volunteers for Race Assistance
  •   Checkpoints with Supervisors for Regular updates.
  •   Medical Staffs/Assistants.
  •   Water Counters
  •   Ambulances.


  •  We are premier event and sports organiser with good track record with multi city and international events in football, cricket, team building activities, and corporate event service provider having own light sound stage system provides services across the country.


  • Being an event service provider have created big history with worlds top events like IPL, ISL, F1, IPTL.  Our team manages ground operation, venue production, venue search services, sports kit, food and beverages etc. have tie-up with top caterers and hotel for food and hospitality requirements.

Key requirements in a Sport Events-

1.       Venue search-

There are more than 2000 venues from top cities of India are listed on our portal . Selection of  corporate event venues, stadium, seminar halls, conference rooms, concerts venues Hotels and resorts.

2.       Venue production and Branding-

Our services are best across the industry in decoration and venue production  have highly experienced team to produce any event like sports corporate and concerts. have tie up with very good merchandise provider for t-shirts, gift, trophies etc.

3.       Referee and umpires –

As every sports event require a umpire to run successfully we have a team of umpire and referees and other team like boll boy, third umpire, coaches, mentors etc.

4.       Food and beverages-

We are leader in hospitality as we have experience catering collaboration with top hotels and caterers who are best across the industry once lets us know what you want will give you better than that.



1. Mountain Climbing:

Mountain climbing is a kind of adventure sport in which people climb mountain. it may include hiking , scrambling , rock climbing . and must be done in the supervision of a guide who must have lot of experience in it.

2. Rafting:

It is a kind of adventure where a inflatable raft is use to navigate the river. it will be a kind of joy full of adventure for the participants. it is generally done in the water with lots of rapids.

3. Paragliding:

This adventure sport is also a recreational or competitive adventure sport where a participant gain the experience of flying in the sky with the help of para glider in India top destination for experiencing paragliding is Manali, Garhwal, Jammu, Rishikesh, Pavana in Maharashtra and Dharamshala in Himanchal Pradesh.

4. Bungee Jumping:

Bungee jumping is a kind of adventure sport in which the participant is allows to jump from a tall structure with the long elastic rope tied to the feet of the participants or mainly to the ankles. Before doing this everyone is full of sweating lots of guts require performing this but once you did it in your life you became the monster in performing this activity.

5. Commando Net:

Commando Net is a adventure activity full of thrilling sports similarly as wall climbing , river crossing , valley crossing , hurdle run and many more.

6. Mountain Biking
7. Scuba Diving
8. Canoeing
9. Rappelling
10. Kayaking


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